The countdown to Christmas has begun, and we cannot contain our excitement.

From decorating your home and preparing sugary treats, to putting a Christmas look together, there’s so much to do and so little time.

While we’ve put together cute hairstyling ideas for Christmas and ways to include Christmas colours in your makeup, it’s now time to give you some nail art gyaan.

If you wish to include Christmas colours such as green, red, white, gold and silver in your manicure, then here’s all the inspiration you need. You can thank us later!


1. Christmas Manicure: Red


  • Heart tips:

    Instead of going for regular red nail polish, create heart tips on your nails over a nude base. This cutesy nail art is for all those with short, round-shaped nails.

how to include christmas colours in your manicure

  • Velvet nails:

    If you want your nails to scream Christmas, then here’s the perfect way to dress them up. A velvet finish sparkling manicure is sure to help you make a statement.


2. Christmas Nail Art: Green


  • Foil art:

    Amp up your manicure game with some foil art this festive season. Paint your nails using green nail polish and then adorn it with silver foil to make your nails look oh-so Christmassy.

how to include christmas colours in your manicure

  • Glitter:

    Nothing stands out more than glitter. Whether it is your eye makeup or nails, glitter always manages to make a stunning statement. To make your nails look Christmas-ready, opt for a green glitter polish. It’s sure to steal all the attention.


3. Christmas Manicure: Silver


  • Chrome nails:

    If you’ve never tried chrome nails, now is the right time to do so. Since it’s festive season, no one is going to judge you for going a little extra. So, go ahead and get your nails dressed in silver chrome.

how to include christmas colours in your manicure

  • French tips:

    While we already gave you an OTT option, here’s something for minimalists. Get classic French manicure on four fingernails and paint the ring fingernail using a silver glitter polish. The silver accent will add just the right amount of glamour to your manicure.


4. Christmas Nail Art: Gold


  • Ombré glitter: Yes, we’ve heard of ombré hair and ombré makeup, but did you know that you could make your nails look ombré too? Use gold glitter on the tips of your nails and leave out the base completely. This manicure is sure to add more spark to your Christmas look.

how to include christmas colours in your manicure

  • Metallic tips:

    Who else loves the less-is-more trend? Well, you can use this rule while doing your nails too. Just paint your nail tips with metallic gold polish and seal it with a topcoat. The delicate gold accent will up the beauty quotient of your nails instantly.


5. Christmas Manicure: White


  • Negative space:

    Play around with nail trends such as negative space, especially if you want to include a colour like white in your manicure this Christmas. This adorable French tip negative space nail art is a way cooler option than applying plain white polish all over.

how to include christmas colours in your manicure

  • Marble nails:

    Another chic way of dressing up your nails in white is to go for marble nails. White marble nails with gold detailing at the base is something everyone’s going to notice.

Image courtesy: Instagram