How To Pick The Right Nail Shape For Your Fingers

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
How to pick the right nail shape for your fingers

Whether you style your nails at home or visit a manicurist, it always comes down to selecting the right nail shape that will make your manicure stand out. Gone are the days when the only options were round and square, now you’re spoilt for choice – blame Instagram if you will. To get you out of this constant dilemma, we are about to discuss some popular nail shapes and which will suit you best.




An oval shaped nail has a rounded tip and looks feminine, classy. If you have short fingers and hands along with stubby nail beds, an oval shape nail is ideal for you as it creates the illusion of length. All trendy colours look great on this nail shape but you can also try bold reds and metallics.




Stylish, sophisticated and low maintenance. Square shape nails are perfect for those with slim fingers and narrow nail beds. It is classified as a fairly modern shape and is usually the preferable choice among youngsters. Solid dark colours and geometric or negative space nail art looks best on this nail shape.




The best part about this nail shape is that it suits all. If you have wide and long nail beds, squoval nail shape looks great on both short and long fingers. Opt for a geometric nail art to make your manicure stand out.




Round shape nails give short fingers an elongated look. It looks elegant, tidy and works well with narrow or short nail beds. Choose any nail art or solid colour and your nails will look stunning.




Mimicking the shape of a coffin or the pointed shoe of a ballerina, this shape looks glamorous and is high maintenance. If square or squaoval nail shape suit you, this will too. It is preferred by people who are really into nails and want them to look attention grabbing.

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