Glitter nails. Classy, sassy and fun! But removing them is an altogether different story. It only takes about three hours, two bottles of nail polish remover and a ton of patience, right? Not just that, it is downright messy and your nails are rough and coarse because of all the rubbing.

This simple hack will ensure that the stubborn glitter nail paint will come off in a jiffy. Here’s how!

How to remove glitter nail polish easily

Step 01

Soak a small cotton ball in a nail polish remover such as the Lakmé Nail Colour Remover which has vitamin E, so it won't leave your nails feeling dry. Place this soaked cotton ball on your nails.

Step 02

Secure the cotton ball on your nail with a small rubber band or cover the nail and cotton ball in a small strip of tin foil. This will help to firmly wrap the cotton ball around your nail and secure it in place.

Step 03

Now wait for about eight to ten minutes for the nail polish remover to work its magic.

Step 04

Now gently slide the cotton ball off of the nail. This sliding motion will help take all of the glitter nail polish off with it. But if you see more particles remaining, simply soak another cotton pad with some nail polish remover and wipe the glitter off the nail.

Once all the nail paint has come off, simply sit back and admire how easily you were able to remove the stubborn glitter polish from your nails. The fool-proof plan even works on gel polish. It’s simply one of the best hacks we’ve ever stumbled upon.

Image courtesy: Instagram