Monochromatic Manicure Is The No-Fuss Nail Trend We’re Crushing On This Season

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Monochromatic manicure is the no-fuss nail trend we’re crushing on this season
Ok, so you like blue. Then there's navy, cobalt, sky blue, midnight blue, cerulean, sapphire... which one do you pick? Do you find it difficult to pick just one shade? Guess what, this latest nail trend allows you to pick many! Monochromatic manicure is making waves on social media and we are in love with this mix and match trend. It is all about using many shades from the same colour family to create one look. Making your manicure minimalistic and sophisticated was never this easy.

Nude mood

Sunrise to sunset

If you want to play it safe without looking OTT on your first attempt, try neutral or nude shades. The best part about this trend is that you don’t have to take your skin tone into consideration because it incorporates both light and dark shades and makes them look amazing!


Blue hues

Sunrise to sunset

Cobalt, navy, sapphire, sky, midnight sky... so many shades of blue! Bring them all out and get creative! You don’t even need to visit the salon to get this look, simply start with the darkest shade and work your way to the lightest shade. This one can be quite attention grabbing so we do not recommend it to non-experimentalists.


Pink play

Sunrise to sunset

We love how this manicure moves slowly from a soft cotton candy pink to a stunning magenta. When you don’t want something as subtle as a nude nor a dramatic blue, pink is safe territory to play in. (You can also wear this look to work!)


Green queen

Sunrise to sunset

The only rule is that there's no rule when it comes to this trend! So get creative and paint your tips in shades of green and while you’re at it, swipe a few coats of the glittery Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art - S2 on one accent nail.


Sunrise to sunset

Sunrise to sunset

Monochromatic manicure brings the whole shade card to your fingertips so why not use it to create a sunrise-to-sunset look? From the fiery oranges of dawn to the sombre hues of dusk, paint them all on your nails!

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