Cutesy, colourful nail art designs are one of the best things to get done, but is it necessary to blow up money at the salon every time you want to change up your nail style? Of course, pampering yourself is the ultimate form of self-care, but you can save a lot of money and time if you decide to do a DIY manicure every once in a while. There are so many easy nail art designs that can be easily done at home, even by beginners. And the best part? They will look like the work of a professional! So, all you budding nail art enthusiasts, here are six simple nail art designs that will inspire you to paint your nails sitting in the comfort of your homes!


1. Pastel tips

Pastel tips

Image courtesy: @nelza_dun

If minimalism is your style and pastels are your jam, you are going to love this beautiful pastel tips nail art design. It is so easy to create, and will definitely get your hands a lot of attention. Read the steps below to learn how to ace this design.

Step 01: It is important to get that precise pastel line at the tip of your nail, for this you will need some scotch tape.

Step 02: Cut small pieces of scotch tape and press them on your nails so that only the tip is exposed.

Step 03: Now paint the tips with your favourite pastel shade or any other colour of your choice.

Step 04: Wait till the paint dries off completely, then remove the tape. Do not be in a rush or you will end up making a mess.

Step 05: Lastly, to seal and add shine to your minimal nail art design, apply a topcoat.


2. Negative space dots

Negative space dots

Image courtesy: @tenoverten

This one’s for the minimalists too, okay we will just admit it. Yes, we love minimal nail art designs a little too much. Negative space designs are considered quite trendy and classy and they are so easy to create. So, if you are on board with our minimalist nail art design bandwagon, let’s learn how to create this.

Step 01: Start with a base coat, it will not only protect your nails from the colours, but will also enhance the design.

Step 02: Now you can apply a nude nail colour on this or simply get started after the base coat; the choice is yours.

Step 03: Dip the tip of a toothpick in black nail paint and draw tiny, even dots on each nail, leaving some space between your cuticle and the dot.

Step 04: Dip another toothpick in white nail paint and draw another dot just above the first one.


3. Pretty leaves

Pretty leaves

Image courtesy:

Love all things floral and leafy? Have an eye for intricate designs and like nature-inspired motifs? This pretty and simple nail art design will surely please your eyes and nails! Here’s how to get it right.

Step 01: Start by removing any old colour with the help of a nail polish remover. Then apply a base coat and let it dry.

Step 02: Now pick a nude or white nail paint, preferably glossy and apply two coats carefully. Give it enough time to dry completely.

Step 03: Pour some blue nail polish in a tray and draw the leaves using the tip of a toothpick, a curved straight line, followed by little leaf-like dots around.

Step 04: Once it has dried, apply the top coat and flaunt them nails!


4. Matte effect

Matte effect

Image courtesy: @nails_de_wok

Matte nail colours have a charm of their own. If you have some laying around in your nail polish stash, you can use them to create this stunning nail art design in a few simple steps. You will also need a glitter nail polish to get it right.

Step 01: Start by applying two coats of nail polish on each nail, you can keep the colour the same throughout or use two colours from the same family.

Step 02: Once you finish painting your nails as desired, move on to creating the nail art design.

Step 03: Precision is key, carefully draw horizontal lines on the tip of each nail using the gold nail colour.

Step 04: If you have a top coat for matte nail polish, apply that to lock the nail art in place and make it look even.


5. Skittle nails

Skittle nails

Image courtesy: @amberjhnails

Do you have multiple colours in your nail colours box? Which girl doesn’t, duh! Why not use them all to create this pretty and fun skittle nail art design. You might feel like eating your nails, just kidding! Here’s how you can get it right in a few easy steps.

Step 01: Gather all the fun and bright colours from your nail polish collection.

Step 02: Cut straight pieces of scotch tape to create the negative space in between colours.

Step 03: Stick the pieces firmly on each nail.

Step 04: Now apply contrasting colours on each nail or completely opposite ones if you want to up fun the quotient. Easy-peasy!

Step 05: Finish with some top coat and don’t forget to take a picture to put on your Insta feed!


6. Bright bolt

Bright bolt

For those who love thunder and lightning along with fun and bold colours, we’ve found something that will definitely become your go-to nail art design. It’s bold, pretty and so easy to get right. Ready to learn how to do this nail art design? Scroll down!

Step 01: Grab two bright nail colours from your collection to get started on this design.

Step 02: Start by applying the first shade on your nails. Then apply a second coat and wait in between each application to let it dry completely.

Step 03: Now dip the point of a toothpick in the other bright colour and draw a bolt-on one fingernail. Draw the outline first and then fill it in.

Step 04: Finish by applying a topcoat.


FAQs about nail art design

FAQs about nail art design

1. What tools do you use for nail art design?

A. DIY nail art designs can be achieved using regular tools found in every household, you don’t need any special tools to get the job done. Toothpicks, scotch tape, sponges, cotton swabs, plastic wraps are some of the commonly found items you will need.

2. What is a popular nail art colour for 2020?

A. Blue was declared the Pantone color of the year for 2020, and it has been one of the most used colours in nail art designs this year.

3. What are five basic nail art designs a beginner should know?

A. While there are tons of nail art designs on the internet, the five most basic ones are half-moons, french tips, polka dots, negative space and striped lines.