Top Nail Art Designs And Trends For This 2022 Monsoon

Written by Lopa KAug 11, 2022
Top Nail Art Designs and Trends for this 2022 Monsoon

Want to keep it on theme and accessorize your nails for the rainy season? Here are some classy and quirky monsoon nail art designs to match every mood and occasion.  

Add some cheer to this gloomy weather with some monsoon nail art. Jazz up your nails with simple yet trendy designs that can be achieved at the salon or even at home. And while blue may be associated with the rainy season, you can always experiment while staying on theme from silvery nails to fruity designs. 

Prepare your nails  

Before you get on with your nail art designs, you need to prep your nails. To make sure that your cute nail art stays for long, start off with a clean and clear base.   

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Remove old nail polish 

Before you get on with your monsoon nail art, remove your old nail polish. Your laziness might want you to just paint over your old and chipped nails but that could just lead to a rough texture. Use the Lakme Nail Color Remover to quickly and effectively take off the old paint. It also strengthens your nails and prevents them from drying. Simply take a few drops on a cotton pad and wipe off the nail paint. 

Trim and file your nails  

We still have a couple of steps to go before you can get started with the designs. Trim and file your nails to the desired shape. If you cut your nails after applying the nail paint, the edges could very well chip off. Even if you are opting for fake nails, the shorter your original nails are, the easier to stick add-ons.  

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Apply a basecoat  

Patience my friend. Just like makeup, you need to prep your nails so that the nail art lasts long. Applying fake nails or nail paint can take a toll on your nails if you don’t take care. Before you move on to your next manicure session, apply a layer of the Lakme Absolute Nourishing Nail Oil. It contains six essential oils from sweet almond oil to vitamin E and smoothens dry and brittle nails.  

Follow it up with a basecoat of the Lakme Absolute Nail Hardener which treats weak and curved nails and provides a strong layer for the nail paint to hold on to. Apply two gel-based coats for the nail art to stay for several days. 

What you will need for nail art at home  

Now while you may love getting your nails pampered by your favourite parlour aunty, we have some quick and easy nail art designs that you can do at home if you don’t feel like braving the rains. For these monsoon nail arts, all you need is a dotting tool, a thin tip brush and your favourite nail paints. 

8 Monsoon nail art designs 

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Image credit: @instyle_missclarisse

Silver nails  

While summer was all about yellow and golds, take a vibrant spin on the gloomy and grey rainy season with silver nails. Keep it simple but classy with this metallic look by colouring your nails silver. If you are in the mood for an ombre look, add a lighter shade of silver on the tip of your nails while the first coat is still wet. 

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Image credit: @sammismanis

Smiley face nail art  

The rainy season may feel dark but cheer up every time you look at your nails with some adorable smiley faces. You can either keep it monsoon-themed with a blue base or apply a nude shade. Then take a thin tip brush and draw on yellow circles. Make them big enough so that you can draw your faces. Next, take the dotting tool, dip it in black nail polish and draw on the eyes and the smile.  

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Image credit: @nail.suji

Cloud nail idea  

Channel your inner Picasso with this next nail art design. Create an ombre base with two blue shades. Paint a basecoat with a lighter blue shade. Next, take a sponge and add the darker shade. Press it onto the top half of your nail. After it dries, dip the dotting tool in white and draw on the clouds and a couple of stars. 

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Image credit: @nailbarmke

Heart-shaped raindrops 

Create your own monsoon-themed nail art design by creating heart-shaped raindrops on your nails. Paint on a blue basecoat and then draw on little hearts with white. To make more of a statement, switch the shades for one or two fingers. Keep the base white and draw on tiny blue hearts with the dotting tool on your ring and middle finger. 

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Image credit: @arjen_lantis_nails

Thunderbolt and lightning 

Are you a Harry Potter or Thor fan or just love rainy elements like gloomy skies, lightning and raindrops? Go crazy with the thin brush and create lightning bolts on your nails. Create an ombre base with silver and blue till you get to your ring finger. On your ring finger, paint the base blue. Once it dries, create lightning bolts with silver to complete your monsoon nail art. 

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Image credit: @paintstlouis

Over the rainbow  

Who says pastel is only for the summer. Just like a rainbow ordaining the bright sky after a heavy shower, emulate the wonders of nature on your nails. Pick your favourite pastel shade like pink or lavender and coat your nails leaving the ring finger. Then taking the thin brush, draw the colours of the rainbow. Wait for each colour to dry, before drawing on the next.  

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Image credit: @nailsbystaceycarter

A butterfly garden 

Drawing a butterfly may seem daunting on your nails, but the trick is to work smart not hard. Instead of stressing over how to match both wings and decorate them, keep it small and simple. Opt for a muted look perfect for every day with a nude base. Draw one wing in black on the edge of your nail and fill it in with blue as if the butterfly is flying away. Make white dots to highlight the design. And that’s it. Repeat these one-sided wings on two or three more nails to complete the look. 

moonsoon nail art Fruity nails 

Image credit: @nailsbykatiebug

Fruity nails 

Go for a cute and tropical design by adding fruits to your nails. If mangoes and watermelons are for summer, go all out for monsoon designs by drawing on plums, cherries and peaches. Keep your base a light shade of blue and get to creating the fruits in darker shades that contrast the blue. 

Try out these quick and easy monsoon nail art designs to accessorize your hands. There’s a little something for everyone from glittering nails to cute and 3D designs that even beginners can try at home. 

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