These Are The Items Every Nail Art Addict Needs In Her Manicure Kit

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
These are the items every nail art addict needs in her manicure kit

No one likes boring nails, but let’s face it, keeping your nail appointment week after week can prove to be quite a task. Therefore, it is a great idea to invest in some basic nail art essentials that will help you in the nick of time and ensure that your nails look perfect at all times.  

Curious much? Read on to find out all the nail art must-haves that need to be part of a manicure junkie’s kit…


Matte topcoat

Nail repair formula

Matte nail polishes are all the rage right now. If you love matte nail colours but think that it is difficult to find the right shade, then invest in a matte top coat. This is a really simple and effective way to transform any nail polish into a matte one.


Striping tape

Nail repair formula

If you love flaunting nail art, then striping tape should definitely be a part of your manicure kit. This is a very thin, adhesive tape that helps create various amazing nail art designs. It can either be used as is, or pressed onto your nails before applying nail polish and then lifted away depending on what design you’re trying to achieve.


Loose glitter

Nail repair formula

Glitter is a super simple way to accentuate your nail art and take any manicure up a level. Simply sprinkle some loose glitter evenly all over your base colour while it's still wet, or concentrate it at the tip of your nails for an ombré effect.


Nude nail polish

Nail repair formula

Nude colours have taken the beauty world by storm, and why not! It is the perfect way to wear makeup, yet make it appear absolutely natural and effortless. Nude, barely-there polish, is an ideal pick for when you want to paint your nails but want them to look understated. The best part is that nude polishes help create the illusion of longer fingers.


Nail repair formula

Nail repair formula

Constant application and removal of nail paints and enamels cause your nails to become weak and brittle over time. Apart from giving your nails a break once every few weeks, every nail art addict girl should invest in a nail repair formula. This will greatly help restore and condition your nails, while nursing them back to health.

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