New Year New Nails - Nail Trends For 2019

Written by Lamiya ChitalwallaSep 16, 2023
New year New nails - Nail trends for 2019

As we step closer to 2019, we the nail art obsessed are here to discuss all things nail trends! While there’s so much that happened in the nail space this year, some trends got us excited and some just left us dumbstruck. (vagina nails?! Huh??)

As we gear up for 2019 we can’t wait to try our hands at some of the new nail trends that are already hitting the beauty scene. If you’re bored of all those neutrals and French manicures this is just the article you need to be reading...


80’s Glam

Stoned decals

The 80’s was all about bold colours and glitter! So if you too are a glitter enthusiast like us you’re going to love this trend. The 80’s retro vibes are back in full swing with glitter manicures and bold ombré nails ruling.


Minimal accents

Stoned decals

Love some nail art but are hesitant to go all out? This trend is made for you. Add some cheeky and minimalist accents of colour and stones to your otherwise blah nail polish.


Half-moon manicure

Stoned decals

It you are a pro-stalker on Instagram and follow a bazillion nail art accounts, you’re sure to have seen this trend crop up. A twist to the classic French manicure. These half-moon designs have been making the rounds and are sure to stay in 2019 too!


Monochrome nail art

Stoned decals

Be it the fashion or makeup space, monochrome seems to be that trend which has been there done that! But stress not monochrome babies, this trend is slowly moving into the nail scene too and the  best part is that all you need is one nail paint!


Patterned nails

Stoned decals

Plaid, floral and animal prints are just a few patterns that you can rock even on your nails. They might seem difficult to achieve but, we have a hack! Use glue on stickers and you’re sorted! If you’re not the DIY type, go to your nearest nail spa and treat yourself to some pattern nail art.


Yellows and Greens

Stoned decals

Spring is still a few months away, but everyone already seems to be embracing the season. You too can start your prep by getting some sunshine yellow or slime green nails. Choose to go the pastel or bold route, just make sure you apply at least two coats so that you don’t end up with patchy nail paint.


Stoned decals

Stoned decals

Make your nails look like a piece of art! You ask how? Try some stone and Swarovski decal nail art. However difficult they might be to maintain we can’t help but ogle at these drool worthy designs.

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