Today’s divas know that without having your nails on fleek no look is really complete. Which is why those manicure appointments can not skip the calendar. However, if you’re trying to get artsy yourself and are making that effort to get your hands on dollying up your own tips - we’re here to shed some light on how you glam ‘em some simple nail art designs! And while you do so, know you aren’t only honing your skills but are also saving the coin and that transport time.

To inform you, you don’t always need a professional to bag all those IG likes and comments, sometimes easy ways and hacks can be the route to impressing. So, all you budding nail art enthusiasts, here are our fav simple nail art designs that will inspire you to paint your nails as you lay on your couch! So what are you waiting for? Put your inner creativity to work.

Simple Nail Art Designs Every Beginner Can Achieve: The Basics

It’s time to sizzle up your nails yourself!

3 Tips for Simple Nail Art Designs Every Beginner Can Achieve

Discuss this point in detail and provide a good introduction to the rest of the article. Begin a listicle of tips for simple nail art designs every beginner can achieve below; 


1. Tip #1: Tip top

1. Tip #1: Tip top

If minimalism is your style and pastels are your jam, you are going to love this beautiful pastel design; one of IG’s OG simple nail art designs. Wonder why? Well, because it looks absolutely gorg and is so easy to create. Gravitating all the attention to your hands, you’re going to want to know how to ace this. So, here’s the to-do, ladies.

Step 01: It is important to get that precise pastel line at the tip of your nail, for this you will need some scotch tape.

Step 02: Cut small pieces of scotch tape and press them on your nails so that only the tip is exposed.

Step 03: Now paint the tips with your favourite pastel shade or any other colour of your choice. Looking for the perf paste or any standout shade for that matter? Then we swear by the charming - Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Colour. Cop a bottle in a hue of your choice, and prep to paint the world red.

Step 04: Wait till the paint dries off completely and only then peel the tape. Do not be in a rush or you will end up making a smudge-y mess and no one likes that.

Step 05: Lastly, to seal and add shine to your minimal nail art design, apply a topcoat.


2. Tip #2: Dot it!

2. Tip #2: Dot it!

They say less is more and at times, when it comes to your tips - we couldn’t agree more! So, a major part of your minimal clan are the dots. To say, negative space designs are a cakewalk to create; a truly simple nail art design that a master’s at bagging compliments, so if you’re planning to hop onto this minimalist nail art design bandwagon, get the scoop on how to create this.

Step 01: Start with a base coat - this layer will not only protect your nails from the colours, but will also enhance the design by creating an even tone.

Step 02: Once done, you can apply a nude nail colour; the Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Colour in shade Salmon on this or simply get started after the base coat; the choice is yours.

Step 03: Dip the tip of a toothpick in black nail paint and draw tiny, even dots on each nail, leaving some space between your cuticle and the dot. Really folks, it’s that easy.

Step 04: Dip another toothpick in white nail paint and draw another dot just above the first one.

And just like, you’ve aced a stylish and simple nail art design. Good for you!


3. Tip #3: Heart it

3. Tip #3: Heart it

If you are looking to get your nails all pretty, heart it! Quite literally, just heart it. Wonder what we mean? Get those cutesy hearts all over your nails either for V day or just to express your simple nail art appreciation.

Step 01: After applying a base coat, use white nail paint. Apply two coats of it. If you’re always getting your hands on light, crusty or odd white nail paint then get your hands on Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Colour in shade Snowball.

Step 02: Follow the white wash with tiny hearts, use a dotting tool. Make two dots in a line and beneath those in the middle, make another dot.

Step 03: And finally the step that brings it all together, take a fine brush and join the three dots to make a heart shape. You can use any colour you like for the heart shape. However, if you want to channel all those princess vibes, light pink or red is the go-to!


4. Tip #4: Just cheesin’

4. Tip #4: Just cheesin’

Who doesn’t love smiles - not only on your loved one’s faces but also on their nails? I sure do. Bringing all those tumblr girls vibes to life, these yellow happy faces have taken over the internet. And the best part is they barely cost anything - other than a pinch of effort. So, wondering how do you get going? Follow these easy peasy steps.

Step 01: Start with a base coat, and then apply any light-colored nail paint of your choice once it has completely dried.

Step 02: Give your nails another coat of the base coat and once it has dried, choose a contrast colour and make a circle for the smiley face. It can be yellow if you like, or any other colour.

Step 03: Once the circle has dried up, using a dotting tool, draw two dots and a smile inside the circle using black nail paint. And just in case you mess up (we all do!) don’t panic, just use a nail polish remover that is gentle and doesn’t make matters worse. We’re fans of the Lakmé Nail Colour Remover for its generous Vitamin E quotient and of course, pretty packaging.

FAQs about Simple Nail Art Designs Every Beginner Can Achieve

Give your tips that oomph, with these simple nail art designs

Q1 What tools do you use for nail art design?

A. DIY nail art designs can be achieved using regular tools found in every household, you don’t need any special tools to get the job done. Toothpicks, scotch tape, sponges, cotton swabs, plastic wraps are some of the commonly found items you will need.

Q2 What is a popular nail art colour for 2020?

A. Blue was declared the Pantone colour of the year for 2020, and it has been one of the most used colours in nail art designs this year.

Q3 What are five basic nail art designs a beginner should know?

A. While there are tons of nail art designs on the internet, the five most basic ones are half-moons, french tips, polka dots, negative space and striped lines.