Move over gel and acrylic nails, dip powder nails are here to rule the beauty world. Like most other manicures, this new nail art trend is totally glam and will amp up your nail game instantly. The best part? This new nail trend is also nail loving as it hugs and protects them.

Another great thing about this nail trend is that it lasts longer than gel or acrylic nails and is less prone to chipping. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at how you can ace this oh-so amazing manicure...

manicure trend dip powder nail trend1

What you need:

  • Nail polish remover
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Nail buffer
  • Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol
  • Nail bonder or nail base coat

A dip powder manicure kit that contains:

  • Resin glue
  • Colored powder
  • Activator

Step 1:

Thoroughly clean your nails using a nail polish remover. Follow that up with a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles.

Step 2:

Before you move on to the next step, thoroughly clean your hands with a sanitizer to clean your nails and prevent any dirt from being trapped in. Once that is done, apply a coat of clear polish which will act as the base coat. 

Step 3:

It is now time to apply a single coat of the resin to your nails. Do this starting right above your cuticle and move to the edge.

Step 4:

Next, dip that finger into the powder container and roll it in there until the entire nail looks covered. This should take about 5-10 seconds per nail. Before you move on to next nail, immediately tap off the excess powder from your finger. 

Step 5:

Apply another layer of resin on your nail and dip it in the colour powder container. Repeat the same step as earlier. 

Step 6:

Next, go ahead and apply the applicator just like you would a top coat. 

Step 7:

Finally, apply a layer of top coat. Ensure that you choose one that is especially meant for acrylic nails. 

Voila! Your dip powder manicure is ready.