The Sticker Manicure Trend Is So Pretty, You’ll Want To Get One Right Away!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
The sticker manicure trend is so pretty, you’ll want to get one right away!

Everybody loves pretty nail art, but hey, not everyone can draw dainty flowers and abstract designs on their nails. If I were good at Art in school, I would be sitting in Paris right now holding an exhibition of my own. Thank God, you don’t have to be a pro at doodling to rock a cool manicure, nor do you have to spend big bucks. With the latest nail trend—sticker nail art, you can get a cute design on your nails in minutes, and voila, you are everyone’s nail crush!

We have rounded up the prettiest sticker nail art ideas for you to give a try, ‘cause, well, nailing a trendy manicure just got a hell lot easier.


Star studded

All things bling

Can’t get over starry nail art that’s doing the rounds, but mess up the pointed stars every time? Same! Let’s stop trying and get white and black star stickers instead. Paint your nails bare beige to let the monochromatic (and perfectly shaped) stars take the centre stage.


Sweet treats

All things bling

Loved Gigi Hadid’s fruit manicure? Why not flaunt this sweet nail art yourself? On clear or sheer jelly nails, paste juicy and cute fruit nail stickers and top it off with a glossy top coat. 


Pressed flowers

All things bling

We cannot remember a time when florals weren’t the most coveted nail art design. Get these pretty petals without spending hours on painting; just press the floral stickers on your nails! Quick tip: wear them over a pastel nail colour.


Animal print

All things bling

If you’ve wanted to get animal print nail art since forever, but finally gave up since it’s too darn difficult to draw, welcome to the club. With these stick-on nail stickers, you can finally go rawr!


All things bling

All things bling

These shiny, 3D stickers are not for manicure minimalists, or the faint of heart. Wear these mini, vibrant nail decals and blind your haters with just a sleight of hand. BRB, getting ‘em RN!

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