Is there any girl on this planet who does not get excited by the idea of a new manicure? From choosing the colour of the polish to seeing our freshly painted nails, there is something oddly satisfying about the entire process.

But do you find yourself heartbroken when you notice that your nail paint doesn’t look quite great or it has started to chip earlier than expected? If the answer is yes, DW, we are here to help.

Find below a list of some common nail polish mistakes and how to avoid them…


Applying polish in a single stroke

Applying polish in a single stroke - Common nail polish mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while applying polish is to apply it in a single stroke. This not only leads to an uneven application but may also leave behind some blank spaces, especially on the sides. To avoid this issue, always apply your polish in three strokes for a more uniform application.


A hot water shower soon after application

A hot water shower soon after application  - Common nail polish mistakes

I know what you’re thinking - what does a shower have to do with your nail polish, right? Turns out there is a direct relationship between hot water and your nail polish. The steam and heat from the water thicken the polish leading to bubbles and smudging. Wait at least an hour between your shower and nail polish application to ensure that your nail polish looks perfect.


Not cleaning your nails properly

Not cleaning your nails properly - Common nail polish mistakes

There is a reason why nail artists always advise you to clean your nails with nail polish remover right before painting them even if you have no lingering polish on your nails. This is because your nails could still be harbouring some dirt and oil, which could then hamper the staying power of your polish. Always thoroughly clean your nails before the starting with the base coat.


You are using an expired product

You are using an expired product  - Common nail polish mistakes

Have you observed the nail polish that you have been clinging on to since high school turn gloopy with time? This is because, over time, the solvents from the polish evaporate turning the polish into a stringy mess. This is when you must know to throw the nail polish out and make space for a new one. To ensure that your nail enamels stay in great condition, try and replace them every 12-18 months.


Hitting the sack soon after application

Hitting the sack soon after application - Common nail polish mistakes

A lot of women have the habit of applying nail polish at the end of the day, right before it’s time to sleep. This is why their nail polish smudges and develops a texture the next morning. Although the polish tends to dry within half an hour maximum, it takes a full day to completely settle onto your nails. A simple trick to avoid this issue is to paint your nails either in the morning or at least three to four hours before bedtime.