If you are anything like us, you are always on the lookout for new, hot and trendy nail art designs to rock. Is that right? If you are nodding proudly, then you must be pinning and screenshotting the best 2020 nail trends already. Every year we get to see a whole bunch of new nail trends to try and this year too we witnessed some really cool and amazing nail art designs on the 2020 summer/spring runways.

While some of them are a perfect fit for the manicure minimalists like minimal floral art and flannel design, some are not for the faint of hearts like neon and glitter nails and animal print nail art. The bottom line is 2020 nail trends are a mix-up of understated and OTT nail art which is all the more reason to try them out ASAP.

So, are you wondering what these nail trends of 2020 are like? What nail colours will be trending this year? Which nail shape will be in vogue? And, most importantly what nail art designs you will be spotting all around the year? We have all the answers!

We have put together a comprehensive list of all the hot nail trends of 2020 including nail colours, nail shapes and nail art that will be huge this year. Take a look.


1. Nail colours

Nail colours

  • Sunny yellow

The brightest and boldest manicure colours of the 80s including deep yellow are back. This gorgeous colour can brighten up your day like nothing else. It is a fail-proof, striking nail colour that can add just the pop of colour to your look. Pick from an ochre yellow or sunny yellow and pull off this trendy nail colour in 2020.    

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Whimsical white

Equal parts sassy and sophisticated, white nail colour can really up your manicure game. Plus, it looks as beautiful in summer as it looks in winter. Instead of painting just the tips of your nails with white, maybe it’s time to rock the solid white nail this year aka the hottest nail trend of 2020

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Nudes and neutrals

Nail trends in 2020 will be chicer and prettier and we have proof. Neutral shades like nude, beige, light pink is the nail colour palette you should be stocking up your manicure kit with. These nail shades suit all skin tones beautifully and can take your manicure game a notch high in a tick.    


2. Nail art

Nail art

  • Revamped French tips

Yes, we know. The 90s’ French tips are timeless and irreplaceable. That is probably why every year, we come across a nail trend that is a jazzy rip-off of your classic French tips. This year, it got a colourful makeover. Instead of white, paint your tips with bright hues and give your French manicure a pop of colour.  

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Jelly nails

Jelly nails are the manicure equivalent of nude lips. They are chic, understated and pretty as hell. Sheer, long nail often painted in jelly-like colours like pink, blue, red and pink are taking over our Instagram feeds already. We don’t know about you but we are totally getting this nail trend in 2020

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Gradient manicure

Looking for an elegant and equally eccentric nail trend to rock in 2020? Your search is over? Try out this mismatched nail trend called gradient manicure. Pick shades from the same colour family and a couple of contrasting colour to get this nail trend right. It looks oh-so-gorgeous and glamourous AF.

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Animal print

We didn’t think we will ever try out an animal print nail art, until we saw some really cool and classy animal print nail art roaring in the beauty world. From the classic cheetah print to the trendy ones like cow print and tortoise shell nail art, these animal print manicures are all around. And, they will continue to trend in 2020 too.    

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Flannel art

This flannel nail art is one of the quirkiest and most artistic manicure designs that we’ve seen in a while. After geometric nail art, doodling flannel checks on your claws is the new way to show off your artistic stints. This nail art looks stylish and stunning and is a safe choice for all the manicure minimalists out there.

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Glitter nails

Since glitter was one of the trendiest elements used in beauty this year, the entry of glitter nails was no surprise. Sparkly, bling-y and dazzling nail art will be enough to blind your haters this year. Paint your nails with glittery golden or shimmery silver and add a touch of glam to your understated manicure.   

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Clear florals

Floral nails are always a crowd pleaser and suit every occasion, be it wedding, date night or work. If pink and bright-hued floral seems too girly for you, here is a nail trend you were probably waiting for all your life. Clear nails with minimal floral design is the prettiest nail trend of 2020 that we are sure you’d want to try.


3. Nail shape

Nail shape

  • Coffin

It seems like coffin nails are not going anywhere anytime soon. The super long Kylie Jenner-esque nails will be in trend this year as well. They are flat at top so don’t look so pointy and are easy to maintain. Get these long extensions and give your hands an effortlessly elegant and chic look, if you haven’t already.     

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Curved almond

Medium-sized almond nails that are rounder and somewhat shorter will be huge. You will see everyone sporting the almond-like nails with curvy tops all around the year. This nail shape gives you the best of both worlds as it is not too long or too short, neither too point and nor too round. Win-win!

best of 2020 nail art trends

  • Short and cute

In case you thought short nails do not look fashionable, you are going to be proved wrong this year. Super short and cute nails were seen on the runways and it looked oh-so pretty. Square- or round-shaped nails is going to gain the most momentum this year, probably because of its little upkeep and adorable look.


FAQ of Nail Trends 2020:


Q. How can I wear French tips in 2020?

A. You can jazz up your classic white French tips with some glitter and bling. Also, you can change the shape and get rounder tips to give it a fresh feel. Also, white will be replaced by neon and brighter shades like red and green.

Q. What are some of the biggest nail trends of 2020?

A. Some of the biggest nail trends of 2020 are animal print nail art, glitter nails, clear nails and gradient manicure. They are classy, sophisticated and chic all at the same time. Also, some never-seen-before nail colours like yellow, white, neon green and red will be in trend this year.

Q. Will accents be a nail trend in 2020?

A. Yes, the summer/spring 2020 saw some blingy and metal nail accents on the runway. Apart from this, stickers, chains and charms were also debuted this season which you are going to spot all year.

Q. Which nail shape will be in style in 2020?

A. As long as nail shape is considered, there is something for everyone in 2020—be it manicure maximalist or minimalist. While long nails like coffin nails and almond nails will be trending in 2020, short square shaped nail will also be hot this year.

Image courtesy: Instagram