Wedding special: hottest nail colours you have to try!

Written by Shravani ChavanNov 15, 2018

We are sure you want to stand out amongst the sea of wedding guests at your bestie’s wedding. So make sure you show off your dance moves with perfectly manicured nails. While reds, pinks, and browns have been around for the longest time, we help you choose nail colours that will make you stand out this wedding season!


Peach is a fresh and radiant colour that can look great with outfits in magenta, purple, and hues of pink.


Purple is a vivid shade that will make you look royal and elegant and is perfect for the colder months.


Most wedding dresses have a lot of embroidery that is accented perfectly by a gold nail polish. You can even opt for shimmer or glitter nail polishes that add that little bit of ‘extra’ to your look!



Lavender makes you look both classy and elegant and it gives a subtle nod to your feminity and embraces your spirit.

Pale beige

A subtle off-white or pale beige is both elegant and modest and will make you look heavenly.