If you have been treating yourself with fancy manicures since nail bars have opened up, it’s time for a break. An already minimal nail art style, the classic French tips, has taken an even more toned-down route. The Baby French nail trend, popularised by celebrities and Instagram influencers, is created by painting a fine white line on the tip of your nails. With an uber-stylish and understated vibe, the Baby French design aims at giving the appearance of natural-looking, healthy nails.

Baby French nail trend

Image courtesy: @harrietwestmoreland

Shot to fame by supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s manicurist, the Baby French manicure is a versatile style that can be adapted to all nail shapes. Keeping the base neutral toned allows you to space out manicure appointments, and is a great way to keep your manicure low maintenance and subtle. The manicure is perfect for someone looking for a beautiful nail design to complement all kinds of ensembles. The manicure is sophisticated but cool, making it perfect for all ages and style aesthetics.

Baby French nail trend

Image courtesy: @betina_goldstein

What started with classic white tips, can be adapted to any colour of your choice. A refreshing trend to match the minimalist beauty trend of 2021, the design looks especially lovely with short and square nails. To recreate the look at home, follow the simple steps listed below:

01. Start with nicely trimmed, buffed and clean nails. Shape the tips in a rounded or squared-off fashion, tapering the sides to blend with the nail bed.

02. Follow the shaping and buffing by applying a base colour closest to your skin tone, or a universally flattering blush or nude tint. One of our personal faves is the Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Color - Marshmallow, a soft pink pigment that will make your manicure look so cute.

03. The final step will need a fine tip brush and a steady hand to create a sleek and clean line on the tip of your nails. You can use the Lakme True Wear Color Crush-08 to create the white tip or choose from the 38 colours available in the Lakme True Wear Color Crush. Keep a wooden cuticle pusher handy to make any corrections, if need be.

Main image courtesy: @rosiehw