Are you a sexy red? Or a demure ballet pink? Or maybe a bold and daring orange? Fact is, whatever your choice in the manicure department is, it can tell a lot about you as a person. If you don’t believe us, what’s your instant thought when you see someone wearing bright neon nail polish? Now do you see our point?

If this makes you wonder what secrets your nails are spilling, then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s all the scoop based on the ‘nail polish’ colour psychology to explain what kind of first impression your choice of nail polish is making.

What your nail polish colour says about you


If you usually gravitate towards blood red shades, then we can say for sure that you love glamour. This colour speaks volumes about your confidence, passion and confidence. It marks you out as someone who is daring, dramatic, outgoing and doesn’t shy away from the spotlight.

What your nail polish colour says about you


Do your friends always run to you for advice? Are you the secret-keeper of most of your friends’? If yes, then you’d more often than not, be sporting green on your nails. Green is the colour of earthiness and tranquillity and represents safety and healing.

What your nail polish colour says about you


While neon nails are perfect for people who want to stand out, nude nails, on the other hand (pun totally intended), are chosen by people with decidedly "unfussy" personalities. They are apt for girls who are glamorous yet secure enough not to follow every trend. Pretty and polished, they are feminine without being high maintenance.

What your nail polish colour says about you


If black is your go-to nail polish colour, then don’t worry, it doesn't mean you haven’t come out of your rebellious teenage Goth phase. Black nail polish signifies a lot more than that. It’s the colour of creativity, and if you are someone who likes to wear this colour, then most likely, you are a super creative and artistic person.

What your nail polish colour says about you


People who wear orange nail polish are daring and impulsive. Most girls who sport orange nails are usually found leading groups, telling jokes and suggesting crazy adventures. If you’re drawn to orange nail polish, you probably like being the centre of attention and making a statement with your style. You’re never brought down by what other people think of you — you’re a free spirit and love having fun.

What your nail polish colour says about you


If you’re often described as being extremely romantic, feminine and flirty, then we are sure pink would you be your favourite nail polish hue. These nails reveal that you have a soft, romantic personality and prefer to wear your heart on your sleeve. This colour also indicates that you’re graceful, classy, and regal in the way you carry yourself.

What your nail polish colour says about you


Pretty self-explanatory, if you love to sport bright yellow on your nails, then it means you are a very energetic and excitable person. It’s a bright and bold colour, but one that hints at happiness and cheerfulness. You are the kind that always brings a smile to people’s faces and are always ready to embark on new adventures!

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