Winter Nail Art Designs We Are Currently Obsessing Over

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Winter nail art designs we are currently obsessing over

Winter is the best time of the year not because the weather is cold but also because there are so many things to be happy about. Buying gifts, celebrating occasions, upgrading your wardrobe and stocking up on new shades of makeup to name a few. If you’ve got a fresh batch of nail polish colours especially for winter then there’s only one thing missing, the inspiration to use them!

Since most parts of your body will be covered under layers and long-sleeved sweaters, your nails are pretty much the only thing visible in winter. So, use this opportunity to show your creative side. We have all the inspiration you need right here!



Nude nails with hints of glitter

This manicure reminds us of the movie Frozen, it’s blue, sparkling and glittery. Isn’t it perfect for the cold winter season? If you were looking for a way to sport an Elsa look without coming across as a teenager then this nail art design is all the inspiration you need.


Grey with a chance of snowflake

Nude nails with hints of glitter

Grey isn’t the most ideal choice for most people in winter but this nail art will make you think otherwise. Some glitter, a snowflake and white accents made us fall in love with this nail art design a little more. Girls with short nails, are you taking notes?


Nude nails with hints of glitter

Nude nails with hints of glitter

Come winter or summer, some women can’t give up on nude nails. But they can surely add some hints of winter to the look with little glitter snowflakes in a contrasting colour. We love how cute it looks on really short and cute nails.

Flower flakes

If you want to take the Elsa look a notch higher then try this stunning blue and white manicure. Those intricate snowflakes that almost look like a flower is a tough job to create, so only visit a trusted manicurist for this one.

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