December is less of a month, and more of an excuse to celebrate the end of the year - look at the amount of weddings, NYE parties, and Christmas get-togethers populating our calendars already. It’s a given that the year-end is going to be busier than ever, and before we attempt to style our hair into flawless tousles, shop for clothes, and experiment with makeup looks, we must set the tone for the season with one of these December-favourite manicures. We’ve scrolled tirelessly through Instagram to bring to you five trends that capture the essence of winter - and it’s all so glittery! Bookmark these looks for your next appointment with your manicurist.


01. Drippy metallics

Drippy metallics

Image Courtesy: @color.city_

This drippy twist of metallics is stunning. Doesn’t this look remind you of Christmas - almost like an ornament bedecking your Christmas tree? Channel your inner Mariah Carey with these nails ASAP!


02. Pink candy

Pink candy

Image Courtesy: @indigodistributor_sara

When we stumbled upon this look on Instagram, we were confused by how deliciously-edible these candy-themed press-ons looked. A welcome switch-up owing to the commencement of winters, the intricately-rendered snowflakes lend a theme to the entire look - and we’re living for the lovestruck golden sitting on the little finger.


03. Glittery swirls

Glittery swirls

Image Courtesy: @isabelmaynails

We won’t tire of metallic nails - especially when they’re accompanied by swirls of glitter. We’re loving the play of gold in this look. Look at how the colour teases the vivacious swirls of pink everywhere. Let’s just say these nails are perfect for that upcoming wedding you’ve been anticipating. And complemented by henna, your look will adhere to the aesthetics of a picture-perfect Instagram photo.


04. Shimmer-tipped nudes

Shimmer-tipped nudes

Image Courtesy: @gcnailedit

A minimalistic look spiced up by shimmer-laden tips - that’s how we see these almond-shaped nails. American manicures are truly resplendent. If you’re looking for something subtle yet striking, this is it for you.


05. Xmas muse

Xmas muse

Image Courtesy: @nailsbyjukus_

If you’re just as passionate about Christmas as we are, why not condense the season’s essence onto your nails? Greens are dominating the season, and we cannot help but join in on the bandwagon - because look how gorgeous! And as vibrant as the colour is, the clear-polished nail, with accents of red, balances the entire look perfectly.

Image Courtesy: @_mejzi