Well-manicured hands never fail to impress, right? And the nail paint lovers that we are, once in a while we love experimenting and trying out different nail art designs to pretty up our hands. Think you can give it a shot too? Here are some designs for inspiration…

Geometric nail art

Geometric nail art designs are unique and so much cooler. Zig zag shapes or diagonal designs have become quite a rage when it comes to nail art.

Floral nail art

Who can say no to cutesy flowers on your nails? This kind of nail art is perfect if you wish to exhibit your girlie side and want something fun on your nails. From daisies to sunflowers, the options are limitless.

Scrabble nail art

Words on our nails? Yes, please! If you want your nails to speak your mind, scrabble nails are just what you need. Just choose a word and paint it on your nails!