5 Best Tiktok Trending Party Looks 2022

Written by Team BBNov 02, 2022
5 Best TikTok Trending Party Looks 2022

Picking that perfect party outfit, clearing phone space (from the million photos, duh) and wrapping up office work before you leave for a party takes up so much time that you often forget about deciding on the makeup look you are going to choose. Either that or you are just lazy and wait till the last minute to do everything (just like us). 

Whether it has actually slipped your mind or you were being your lazy self, we have got your back on this. We pulled some really chic and glam TikTok Trending party makeup looks that are easy-to-do and perfect to pull off last-minute. Take a look at five stunning yet easy party looks to rock at your party.    

party makeup looks siren eyes

Trending TikTok Party Looks – The Basics  

You don’t really need to search terms like “looks salon party makeup price” and can save your budget discovering each of these easy and trendy TikTok makeup tutorials. To make your party wear makeup look long-lasting, stock up Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer — a light weighted product with smooth texture and waterproof properties to hide imperfections and create even-toned, flawless skin. 

To create a perfect base, follow up with Lakmé 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Perfect Cover Foundation, available in 16 shades that match all Indian skin tones. This product blends effortlessly in medium to full coverage, and has an SPF 20 protection factor to save your skin during the daytime if it’s a day party.  

With this, you will need the right eye makeup, blush, lipstick and so on. Keep reading to decode everything.  

Create 5 Best Trending TikTok Party Looks  

Below you can find holiday party makeup looks, party approved and TikTok trending, as well as easy tutorials on how to achieve them. So, don’t wait any longer and discover your best day or night party makeup look! 

party makeup looks siren eyes


1. TikTok Party Look #1: Pops of Eye Colour 

For a birthday party makeup look, or any other occasion when you want to be the center of attention try this makeup hack to brighten your eyes instantly.  

How to Achieve the Look:  

  • It’s much important to create a flawless base for this look, especially work on the zone around eyes. We advise applying the Lakmé 9to5 Primer + Matte Liquid Concealer in one shade lighter than your skin tone to mask all the dark circles and wrinkles for a crease-free, buildable coverage. BTW, this concealer has a primer benefits. 

  • After this, the hero product comes — your bright eye shadow colour, colourful eyeliner, or mascara. You can choose any shade you like, but here is the example with ultramarine colour pop, perfectly matching with brown eyes. 

  • Follow up with a nude lips, as you’re already focuse on your eyes.

party makeup looks siren eyes


2. TikTok Party Look #2: Bold blush look 

As going natural is an ultimate trend, here is one of the stunning natural party makeup looks, that can be used as a wedding party makeup look for bridesmaids, or any simple makeup look for party. Also, this trend make looks party makeup price going lower, as you can use only one product on your eyelids, cheeks, and lips. See, how! 

How to Achieve the Look:  

  • Create a flawless base with your foundation and concealer. You can add a creamy blush into your foundation, too. 

  • Put the blush, lip tint, or your favourite lipstick on your cheeks, and blend it thoroughly. 

  • Apply the same product as an eye shadow, proceed with a classic short wing, and apply a little mascara. 

  • Finish with the same lipstick colour to create this monochromatic trendy look. 

  • For a more refreshing effect, add a highlighter to your eyelids, at the back and the top of your nose, cheekbones, and to the lip arch. 

party makeup looks siren eyes


3. TikTok Party Look #3: “French” makeup look 

This is a perfect evening or day party makeup look inspired by French celebrities, simple and classic yet stunning, and, of course, matching your little black dress (but not only!). It’s also a good choice for bridesmaids makeup looks for wedding party due to the elegance and simplicity. 

How to Achieve the Look:  

  • Add a foundation and concealer for medium coverage. 

  • Put on a blush and blend the product thoroughly. 

  • Make your eyebrows fluffy. 

  • Put on brown or black eye shadows and create a light smokey eyes effect. 

  • Apply a bright lipstick and slightly blend the contour to achieve this effortless yet stunning look. 

party makeup looks siren eyes


4. TikTok Party Look #4: Lip contouring 

Lip contouring is still one of the most popular TikTok trends, and trust us, it can give you this filler lip effect achieved only with makeup, which may seem a bit too much for everyday makeup, but perfect for evening party makeup look. 

How to Achieve the Look:  

  • Start with the base and slightly contour your face. 

  • Fill in your eyebrows, use natural eye shadow colour, add a wing and mascara. This look is not focused on your eyes, but they aren’t supposed to be bare either. 

  • Now, the lips. Apply a brown lip pencil all along the anatomical contour of your lips, also make a few vertical lines in the center of your lips. Add a little bit of bronzer to the contour and slightly blend all. Apply a nude lipstick similar to your skin colour. It’s easy to find your perfect shade of Lakmé 9 To 5 Primer + Matte Lip Color lipstick with a built-in primer, smooth application, and long-lasting formula. Add a gloss to the center of your lips to increase volume. Ready! 

party makeup looks siren eyes

5. TikTok Party Look #5: Siren eyes 

Siren eyes trend is the one to dominate in 2022, but there’s nothing too fancy about it — it’s just visually lengthening your eye shape and lifting the outer corner to get this stunning look. We’re trying to say that you can do this trend either for party in the night club, or as an Indian party makeup look in saree. 

How to Achieve the Look:  

  • Apply an eye shadow to the upper and lower eyelid, pay attention to the shape of lower and outer corner — it must be perfectly defined, and repeat the wing contour. Some people use makeup sticky tape for this, but you can try anything smooth and straight (like credit card?) to create an even line. 

  • Add a black wing and blend it upwards. Prolong your wing to the inner corner of your eye. 

  • Apply mascara, fill in eyebrows and make them fluffy. 

  • We recommend following up with the base on this stage to clean up all the eye makeup products remaining under eyes. 

  • Use neutral lip shade as we were focusing on eyes. 

FAQs about 5 Best TikTok Trending Party Looks in 2022  

What is the best cocktail party makeup look? 

First, it depends on your cocktail party dress — if it’s very bright, better to choose minimal and natural makeup. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with these looks: smokey eyes, red lips and bare eyes makeup, bold blush look, sparkling eye shadows, or pop colour look. 

How to create a farewell party makeup look? 

For a farewell party in your school or college, it’s usually recommended to choose timeless natural, and classic makeup looks. It’s time proven, that trendy beauty experiments almost never look good on memorable photos. So, just make your skin youthful looking, dewy and fresh, add a blush and a touch of highlighter, keep your eye makeup simple but chic, and apply a beautiful lipstick in neutral to medium shade. 

How to remove a party makeup look? 

Party makeup looks are the best until you go to bed without removing your makeup properly. Never do it no matter how tired you are, find at least 15 minutes to clear your skin before sleep. You can prepare everything you need in advance — Pond's Vitamin Micellar Water Brightening Rose, which is alcohol free and effective for easy waterproof makeup removal; cotton pads, your favourite face cleanser, and a moisturising cream. 

Got inspired by these party makeup looks? Now discover BB’s editor approved TikTok beauty hacks to try next! 

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