5 Lip Colours To Pair With Your Summer Pastels

Written by Khubi Amin AhmedOct 06, 2016
It’s a constant battle, choosing what lip colour to wear with what coloured outfits and while there is no formula that we have cracked, read on as we put some fashion sense to use and tell you how to do pastels right with regard to lip colours

Pastel Blue

Pastel Yellow

Pastel blue is a moderately soft colour and while it is a good idea to wear it with a contrast lip colour, it is better to not go too bright. You don’t want to disrupt a soft, feminine look with a bright pink that shouts for attention. Go for a light pink or rose instead.

BB recommends: Lakmé Absolute Sculpt’s Pink Caress and Rose Bloom, Lakmé Absolute Crème’s Shineberry, Bake Pink or Candy Floss.


Pastel Grey

Pastel Yellow

We love grey for its versatility. A grey outfit is capable of creating multiple kinds of looks with the many lip colours. You can wear your grey with a nude or a subtle brown for a formal do and you can team it with a bright pink for a red, marsala for a more informal outing.

BB recommends: Lakmé Absolute Sculpt’s Maroon Magic, Lakmé Absolute Matte’s Brick 51 and Lakmé Absolute Crème’s Café Amore all work for the nude lips. For brighter colours you can opt for Lakmé Absolute Crème’s Plum Delight, Lakmé Absolute Matte’s Bridal Dream, Lakmé Absolute Lip Pout’s Magenta Magic or Pink Fantasy.


Pastel Beige

Pastel Yellow

Beige is one shade that allows you the freedom to wear those bright corals and the tangerine tinge with utmost elegance. The colour beige itself is so subtle and toned down that it defuses the loudness that the orange brings with itself.

BB recommends: Lakmé Absolute Sculpt’s Peach Pout, Tangerine Lush and Coral Flare; you can also try Lakmé Absolute Lip Pout’s Tangerine Touch.


Pastel Pink

Pastel Yellow

The lip colour rules for pink outfits differ with the shade of pink. A pastel pink teams really well with a bright pink or a rosy, purple lip shade. There is no dearth of the pinks you can wear with pastel pinks. If you are wearing magenta or a bright pink then it is only fair you don’t clutter your look with a bright lipstick. It is best way to wear those darker shades of pink or peach is to wear them with a nude shade or just a transparent gloss.

BB recommends: Lakmé Absolute Sculpt’s Pink me up, Lakmé Absolute Lip Pout’s Raving Red or Victorian Rose Lakmé Absolute Crème’s Nude Rose are all a good idea.


Pastel Yellow

Pastel Yellow

Yellow outfits are synonymous with reds and tangerines. But in order to play your pastels right you must choose your lip colour according to the intensity of your yellow. A lemon yellow or a pastel yellow works fine with an orange, tangerine lip colour but should you move towards the darker shades of yellow then your lip colours need to be on the lines of corals.

BB recommends: Lakmé Absolute Sculpt’s Red Flames and Coral Flare team well with the yellows while Lakmé Absolute Lip Pout’s Tangerine Touch, Lakmé Absolute Matte’s Red Hot and Lakmé Absolute Sculpt’s Red Rush and Burgundy Affair make for some other very hot options.

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