5 Makeup Trends That Will Be A Rage In 2017

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 26, 2018
As makeup connoisseurs, the past year has been good to us. From neck contouring to glitter underbrows, it feels like we’ve seen it all. So that leaves us wondering about what could be in store for us in the year ahead. If beauty forecasts are anything to go by, we foresee boldly brazen as well as subtly sexy makeup looks doing the rounds in 2017. Intrigued? We know we are! Here is a quick roundup of the hottest makeup trends that you’ll be seeing absolutely everywhere this year.

Straight brows

Glowy visage

Brow loving ladies, 2017 will be all about boyish brows—yes, straight, no-nonsense eyebrows will be everywhere this year. To get the look, thread your brows into a straight shape. Then pick the brow mascara and brow pencil of your choice to make them appear fuller. No arches, no glitter, no drama—just straight-forward, full eyebrows. Cara Delevingne inspired brows, you were good till you lasted!

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Glossy lips

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Remember the days when lip gloss was a staple beauty product in every makeup kit? Those days are back again! From what it looks like, this year will be the revival of the glossy lip makeup trend; that means tinted and transparent glosses sitting pretty on our puckers once again. Although we aren’t bidding our favourite matte finish lipstick goodbye just yet, it won’t hurt to change things up with a glossy lip every once in a while.

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Smokey eyes

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Known and loved by makeup addicts the world over, the sultry smokey eye has cemented its place in history as the go-to eye makeup look for a night out. And in 2017, it isn’t going anywhere. While the previous year saw variations of it on the runway, this year will see the return of the classic smokey eye in hues of black, brown and even blue. Glad to know we’ll be on trend for the party season! We suggest revising those smokey eye tutorials, ladies!

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Fluorescent pink eyes

Glowy visage

If your pink eyeshadow palette has been gathering dust on your dresser, this is the year to think pink for your lids. That’s because vivacious pink lids are all set to be a dominant theme in 2017 so if you’d like to get the look, get out those eyeshadow brushes and blend like a boss.

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Glowy visage

Glowy visage

Who doesn’t want skin that glows brightly! Thankfully strobed, radiant skin will be a raging trend in 2017 so expect to see glistening skin all through the year. To get the look, keep your makeup minimal and get down to dusting that highlighter on the highpoints of your face.

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