5 Party Makeup Hacks That Will Make Every Lazy Girl’s Life Easier

Written by Kinnari AsharJan 13, 2023
5 party makeup hacks that will make every lazy girl’s life easier

Champagnes, music, dance and a damn good time—what’s not to love about the party season? Oh, we know! The tedious process of deciding on outfits and makeup looks and then spending an eternity working that party makeup!

Who’s got the time to follow 253454 steps and use a ton of makeup products to get a glamorous look, right? It might be fun for those of us who love playing with makeup, but for girls who can’t be bothered to even do their hair in the morning, it might seem like a tedious task.

Well, lucky for you; there’s an easier way.

We have some quick and easy makeup hacks up our sleeve that we’re going to share with all you lazy girls out there.

Let us show you how you can pull off a stunning party makeup look in a jiffy and attend all those parties looking glamorous AF.

Take a look at these five party makeup hacks that all lazy girls must try this party season.


Get your lipstick to do triple duty

Use tweezers to do the brows

Hate to switch between products to get a stunning party-ready look? Here’s a hack that will make the process easier and quicker for you. Get the monochrome makeup look in two minutes by using just one product—your lipstick. Dab the colour on your lips, cheeks and eyelids and blend, blend, blend to get the perfect monochrome makeup look. Easy-peasy, right?


Score a smokey eye with your kohl pencil

Use tweezers to do the brows

When you’re on the clock or simply don’t feel like working a smokey eye look, you can try a short-cut to achieve the same results.

Simply line your eyes with a dark brown gel liner or eye pencil and smear it over your lids with an angled brush to get the smudged-out effect. No one would know you spent less than a minute on your eye makeup, trust us.


Make a DIY body highlighter

Use tweezers to do the brows

To make your shoulders appear toned and glowy and make your collarbones pop, use your face highlighter and foundation as a body highlighter.

Mix some highlighter and liquid foundation on the back of your hand and rub it all over your shoulders and collarbones. This simple trick only takes a few seconds and will have you glowing for the gods.


Contouring made easy

Use tweezers to do the brows

What’s a party makeup look without a chiselled face and jawline that looks like it can cut paper? That being said, it is a makeup technique that requires, skills, patience and time.

Let us simplify contouring for you.

Simply map the shadows of your face by dotting the bronzer on your jawline, hairline, sides of the nose and hollow parts of your cheeks. It makes contouring easy and fail-proof. Blend with a brush or sponge and you’re set.   

Use tweezers to do the brows

The Lakmé Absolute Facelift Palette is all you need to contour and bronze your face. It is an irresistible trio of all your makeup essentials which consists of a buildable blush, a cushion soft highlighter and a nourishing bronzer.


Use tweezers to do the brows

Use tweezers to do the brows

You cannot go to a party with unruly or thin brows. Na-uh! Not on our watch.

You don’t have to spend hours on your brows, not when we’ve got an easier and quicker way to do it.

Shape your brows in a nick of time with the help of a tweezer. Apply brow gel on a tweezer and trace it over the outline of your brows to get the perfect bold shape. Fill in the sparse areas with a brush and your done.

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