For such a demanding week, all you need is a clutter-free and lightweight bag! So how do I strike a balance between what’s really needed and what I want?  Zeroing on the essentials, as hard as that might be. Our fashion editor let us take a peek inside her bag to share her LFW must-haves with us…
5 things you will find in our fashion editors lfw handbag 500x300 piccontent

A face wash

Instead of carrying the home sized variant that I normally use, I choose a smaller variant that’s low on bulkiness. I rely on Lakmé Clean-up face wash with strawberry extracts that not only cleanses my skin but also gives it a quick facelift!

Go-to makeup

Many women attending the fashion week tend carry a bag full of makeup and end up using only their lipstick and eyeliner. I prefer carrying only the makeup I can rely on like my Lakmé Absolute Shine Line eyeliner and Ponds BB+ cream. If you think your go-to makeup is a bright lipstick then carry just that along with another essential such as a concealer.

Other essentials

A pair of oversized sunglasses, a chic wallet and a comb is what you’ll definitely find in my bag for the simple reason that I think they act as quick style fixes. A pack of nuts or dry fruits and some dark chocolate give me the strength to be on my toes all week!