6 Tricks To Ensuring Your Makeup Lasts Longer On Your Wedding Day

Written by Chandni GhoshNov 11, 2017
Melting makeup on your wedding day? Quite the nightmare, isn’t it? But with the amount of new and effective beauty products in the market now, you can totally be assured of your wedding makeup staying put all through the celebrations. If you’re wondering how to do that, the makeup tips below should help you…

Make sure you exfoliate first

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When your skin is ridden with bacteria and dead skin, it will automatically show through your wedding makeup or dissuade your makeup from staying put for hours. In order for your makeup to last longer, you need to ensure that your face is smooth and devoid of dead skin buildup and bacteria, especially if you’re the bride. So make things easier for your makeup artist by exfoliating your facial skin with an effective scrub.


Prep your skin with a moisturiser

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We can’t tell you enough on how important it is to prep your skin for any makeup look. And when it’s your wedding day, you absolutely cannot keep away from it. Prepping your skin with the right moisturiser will ensure that your foundation glides on smoothly. So make sure you hydrate your skin with the Lakmé Peach Milk Moisturiser—a cream that your skin will instantly drink up while locking in moisture for as long as 12 hours.


Make sure you prime

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If you take our makeup tips seriously, know that a primer is crucial to your wedding makeup look. Not only does a primer help in allowing your makeup to stay on longer but it also conceals those unsightly enlarged pores you might want to hide on your wedding day. So we suggest investing in an effective primer like the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer. Along with ensuring that the skin doesn’t look greasy, this one also covers your pores and preps your skin for foundation.


Build your foundation

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When it comes to wedding makeup, foundation is the base you’re going to depend on largely. But our makeup tip for you would be to choose something lightweight—a foundation that won’t look cakey while you keep building it up. To ensure that your foundation doesn’t shift, make sure you apply at least 3 coats of foundation. But while you’re at that, make sure your foundation is hydrating because otherwise your foundation will end up looking patchy and dry. For that, make sure you use the Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation that will give your skin a dewy and hydrated feel (thanks to the argan oil in it). Plus, it offers you an SPF 45!


Waterproof everything

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This one’s a no brainer—waterproof makeup is all you need to care about on your wedding day. Remember that if you’re doing the traditional Hindu rituals, you might be sitting next to the fire or if you’re having an outdoor wedding, things might get messy and you certainly don’t want your makeup to melt. So make sure you choose everything waterproof.


Setting spray

Setting spray

One of the last and final steps in ensuring that your makeup stays on for as long as you want on your wedding day is by sealing the look with a setting spray. Make sure you use one that keeps your wedding makeup in place and helps it stay on longer.

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