Neon lights against a night sky definitely make for a pretty picture on Instagram. What we never thought they inspire though, was a full blown eye makeup trend! Yep! That’s right. After taking inspiration from precious stones and nature, it’s was only a matter of time before we look northward to get some inspo for the current raging neon eyeliner look.

neon eye makeup look

As with most beauty trends, this first sprouted on Instagram and made its way across all social media channels. Within a matter of time, there was enough buzz to get beauty addicts and makeup artists try their hand at recreating the look.

neon lights eyeliner

So what exactly is the neon lights eyeliner trend?

As the name suggests, it's an eye makeup look that looks neon in appearance. To give it this look, makeup lovers play around with a few techniques. More specialised ones actually use UV makeup which will glow under black light. Others use a craftier technique with a few pigments and intense blending. While it isn’t a look you’d choose daily, it’s pretty cool for a music festival or night out.

neon lights eyeliner look

To recreate the neon lights eye liner look on yourself, apply strokes of black eyeliner over your eyelid and blend it to create a black base. Next, apply dark pink shadow across the crease area. Then draw a line over the shadow with white kajal. Finally, thoroughly blend the white kajal into the pink shade with a narrow blending brush so that no seams show and all you get is a neon glow on your eyes!

Image Credits: Real Style Network, Girly Feeds, Fashionisers