Think tanned skin is oh so sexy? The beauty world is constantly answering your prayers and has now come up with the sun-stripping bronzer trend—the kind of makeup that gives you that natural sun-kissed glow and lends your cheeks that subtle shine.

What is the sun-stripping trend?

What is the sun-stripping trend?

It revolves around applying bronzer in areas where the sun would naturally hit your face. You basically create a straight stripe right across the apples of your cheeks and bridge of the nose!

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Who is it for?

Who is it for?

For those who think contouring was too bold for them and that they’d rather steer clear off it, this makeup gives you that subtle bronzed look without looking too OTT. So if you’ve always wanted that sun-kissed glow without having to look like you’ve gone overboard with makeup, this is what you need. Basically, if you want the ‘back-from-the –beach-vacay-face’, this is your go-to look.

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How to create the sun-stripping trend?

creating sun stripping trend

Apply foundation to your face like you’d usually do. Blend perfectly and wait for the bronzer to take over.

lakmé absolute sun kissed bronzer

Next, get your hands on the Lakmé Absolute Sun-Kissed Bronzer to achieve that beautifully bronzed look.

applying stripe from centre of your nose

Draw a stripe starting from the centre of your nose going up to the top of your ear.

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bronzer makeup look

This is where you do what every makeup artist wants you to take seriously—blend. Use a buffing brush to blend till the sharp look of the bronzer disappears.

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