Of course I had a fabulous wedding, but in retrospect, was there a few things I could have done differently? Damn right! A few months after my wedding, here are my not-so-confidential confessions about everything that went wrong, or rather, could have gone right that all you brides to be need to keep in mind…

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Always ask for a makeup trial
The one thing all brides should do is get a makeup trial. I learned this the hard way when after finally zeroing in on a makeup artist who convinced me there was no need for a trial and ended up spending close to two and a half hours in my makeup room when ideally I should have been in the mandap 45 minutes prior! Of course, my makeup looked great, but missing out on precious time at my own wedding is something I will always regret.

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Just because it’s on Pinterest doesn’t mean that it will look good
Pinterest can be wholly deceptive. Just because a particular look suited someone with the same build and the same complexion doesn’t mean it will look good on you. I only realised this when all the Pinterest boards I’d created were vetoed by my makeup artist for extremely logical reasons – something that only an expert could foresee.

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Trust your makeup artist
You might be convinced about a certain colour looking good on your skin, but does it really go with your outfit, will it stay on through the evening, and will it look just as good as you seem to think? Turn to your makeup artist with all your ideas but keep an open mind when it comes to execution. There’s a reason they’re the experts, so trust them and their judgement and work towards that single collective goal – that of looking smashing on your big day.

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You will have that bridal “glow” automatically
Everyone will tell you about how to take care of your skin, what you should eat, and what you shouldn’t. But while all of this advice is quite valuable, trust me when I say that by the time your wedding day dawns, you’ll automatically have that bridal glow that everyone’s talking about. I don’t know if it was all the haldi, or the celebration or all the good vibes, but I was glowing just like a bride should be.

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Even the bride needs to eat
I cannot begin to emphasise how important this is. In between all the wedding functions and being annoyed with my makeup artist for taking way too long, I actually forgot to eat anything through my wedding till the very end when we sat down for dinner. The result? I spend the first day of my married life battling my first and worst acidity attack I had ever had!

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Make time for photos
If you want your grandkids to know you were looking fantastic at your wedding, stop and take photos right after you exit your dressing room. It will be the single two minute delay that you will never regret.