When the new year comes around, it brings out the best and brightest in all of us. From those new year resolutions we plan on earnestly following to the the big plans we make for the months ahead, we’re raring to go! That’s why, it’s also the perfect time to add some resolve to your beauty routine by setting a few beauty resolutions for 2016 which will, hopefully, turn into habits.

Clean your makeup brushes

We depend on our makeup brushes in times of concealer and eyeshadow and over prolonged usage, they can accumulate product, skin cells and even bacteria. Depending on how frequently you use your brushes, clean them every fortnight or month by soaking them in an oil and soap solution, wash the bristles with cleanser and rinsing thoroughly. Cleaning your brushes is a resolution and a beauty tip that both, your brushes and your skin will be thankful for.

Get outside your comfort zone

Get outside your comfort zone

We’ve all got a staple makeup technique that we keep reverting to whether it be kajal lined eyes or lip balm applied lips. But this year, that changes, because in 2016, you will make the effort to move outside the confines of your beauty comfort zone. Take baby steps by trying a wearable hair colour trend or finally swiping on that orange lipstick that you never use. Start with small experiments and make it bigger.

Get a bikini wax

A pain point for most women, no pun intended, the bikini wax is infamous for its pain quotient. However, most of that pain is one built up by by fear and anticipation in the mind. That’s why, this is the year in which you take the plunge and banish that fear about the bikini wax. While it will hurt, it is infinitely more painful in your mind and you’ll be smooth like never before.


Build a holy grail of makeup

Build a holy grail of makeup

Regardless of price, brand or formula, it’s a necessity to have products that work for your skin and hair which you can count on, come hail or high water. Without being influenced by beauty reviewers or marketing gimmicks, find a dependable foundation, lipstick and eyeliner that can turn your look around in the blink of an eye and be the holy grail of your makeup box that nothing else can come close to.

Polish your eyeliner skills

While good eyeliner makes a pretty picture, it can also be kryptonite for ladies. It has gained a reputation for being fussy and difficult to apply but once you learn your way around it, it has the potential to change your life. From a simple line to a winged eyeliner to even a graphic eye, practise hard in front of the mirror and before you know, you’ll be scoring at the eyeliner game.

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