Durga Puja is in full swing and for all you girls who want to go ‘pandal hopping’ and gorge on ‘mishti’ while looking gorgeous; here is a step-by-step guide to acing the Bengali eye makeup look.

The focus of Bengali makeup is the eyes that are dark and have a fierce feline flick. An easy way to recreate this look is by using some sticky tape!

Durga Puja makeup look

Finish doing the rest of your makeup and take two pieces of sticky tape (Scotch tape or cello tape).

Place it carefully along the edge of the eye and angle it upwards towards the tail end of your eye brow. This creates a stencil that you can trace the upward-slanted cat eye.

Sweep the black eyeshadow from the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette in Silver all along the upper eye lid, extending it upwards so that it forms a cat eye.

Sweep the same black eye shadow along your lower lash line.

Durga Puja makeup look

Line your eyes withLakmé 9to5 Naturale Gel Kajal, and finish with Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secrets Dramatic Eyes Mascara.

Fill in your eye brows with Lakmé Absolute Precision Eye Artist Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown.

Complete the look with a big, red bindi!