If there’s one undisputed kind of makeup that can instantly give you a makeover in seconds, it is a blush. However, not all blushes suit all skin tones. And this is exactly why we created a quick guide to help you discover what shade of blush goes with which skin tone.

Fair Skin

On fairer skin tones, shades of apricot and rose pink work wonders, without making your face look overly made up. For a night out, applying two strokes of the shade will lend a deeper, stronger hue.

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Wheatish skin

Wheatish skin tones can pull off any shade of blush from corals to deep pinks. So go ahead and experiment with bronze, orange or other distinctive tones but remember to keep the rest of your makeup neutral to keep the focus on your cheeks.

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Dusky skin

We're here to bust the myth that blush isn't visible on dusky skin, because deep plum and mauve shades are the perfect solution for the dusky skin tone. These shades will add warmth to your face while giving it a pop of colour.

BB loves: The Lakmé 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher in Rose Crush.