You can’t deny the fact that bright eyeliner designs are everything when it comes to eye makeup. Not only do they add colour to a dull day, but also allow us to experiment with our look. Not convinced yet on how they are game changers in your makeup routine? Here’s us collaborating with popular blogger Navyata Malkani as she shows you how to do three varied looks using coloured eyeliners. Scroll down to see... 


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Best Colourful Eyeliner Designs Perfect for Winter: The Basics 

Check the coloured eyeliner trends that worth trying right now. These creative yet simple eyeliner designs can be done with colourful eyeliners, eye pencils, matte or glitter eyeshadows. Stock up with eye products of different shades, and a good eye brush to draw smooth even lines. Get inspired by these trendy examples of creating colourful eye wings! 

Best Colourful Eyeliner Designs Perfect for Winter

eyeliner designs blue wing


1. Blue Heaven Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner 

Among colourful eyeliner designs, simple and bright blue wing is one of the most popular, especially for brown eyes and tanned skin with golden undertone. Blue wing won’t make your eyes visibly tired — quite opposite, it makes your eye whites look brighter for a fresher, youthful look. You can try long trendy “siren” wing with blue liner by outlining both your outer and inner eye corners.

eyeliner designs eyeshadow palette

How to Create the Design 

You can create different liquid eyeliner designs with Lakmé Insta Eye Liner in blue, golden, green or classic black colour. Otherwise, bright and deep colours can be found in the Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Midnight Magic. The highly pigmented formula of this eye shadow will help to create everyday and party looks.

eyeliner designs golden wing

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2. Sparkling Bronze Wing 

If you’re looking for effortless eyeliner looks for the holiday season and sparkly eyeliner designs images, this one is for you. A natural subtle eyeliner look consists of a shiny bronze wing on the upper eyelid and a nude shimmery eyeshadow contour. Such an easy and delicate way to make your eyes glowing!

eyeliner designs eyeshadow palette

How to Create the Design 

Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Soft Nudes provides a variety of shimmery and matte colours for everyday or a little bit spiced up looks. Apply golden shimmer on your upper and lower eyelids, then create a wing with a thin narrow brush, outline your outer and inner eye corner.

eyeliner designs black white wing


3. Black & White Liner Combo 

Some easy eyeliner designs look like you put a lot of effort to create them, but in fact they are not so complicated as you may think. This refers to the black and white eyeliner trend you should definitely try. This long and wide angled wing helps to make your eyes visibly bigger, and your look more expressive.

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How to Create the Design 

Black & White Gel Liner Duo will help you to create this look. The waterproof formula of these pencils dyes in 15 seconds and keeps your wing from smudges up to 32 hours. All you need is draw an angled black wing in your inner and outer eye corners with black pencil, then outline it from within with the white pencil.

eyeliner designs red wing


4. Red Metallic Wing 

Cat eyeliner designs can be created in various colours, such as metallic red. This winter makeup trend is worth trying for brown, green or blue eyes, as it compliments any eye colour. Long and wide wing visibly makes your eye shape wider and bigger. To get a trendy monochromatic look, you can add a lipstick of the same colour. 

How to Create the Design 

If you’re asking for dos and don’ts when applying red eyeliner, there are two things you should do to avoid tired and tearful look: add brown or black colour to your lash line, and use a mascara. After that, draw a red wing, prolonging the contour of your lower eyelid. Outline your upper eyelid, and your inner eye corner.

eyeliner designs green black wing


5. Green Lower Eye Contour 

Another trendy way to easily add pastel eyeliner looks and eyeliner makeup designs into your usual eye makeup is a colourful wing on your lower eyelid. This shiny green line can become the main colour accent of your whole look, and it’s really easy to create.

eyeliner designs eye shadows

How to Create the Design 

Lakmé Absolute Infinity Eye Shadow Palette - Coral Sunset has a variety of beautiful, highly pigmented shades to create a colour accent. Apply it with a brush on your lower eyelid and create a wing. Then draw a classic black wing on your upper eyelid, and connect these two lines together. Add a pop of highlighter to the inner eye corner, and you’re ready! 

FAQs about Best Colourful Eyeliner Designs Perfect for Winter 

Q1 Can I create simple bindi designs using eyeliner? 

Bindi eyeliner designs and eyeliner pottu designs become the global trend, so do not hesitate to add bindi with eyeliner designs to your modern or traditional looks. Eyeliner designs for bindi today are available in many different forms — you can use sticky simple eyeliner bindi designs on your forehead and easily draw them using a liner, kajal or eye shadows. Are you looking for bridal hand drawn eyeliner bindi designs? Check the small bindi designs using eyeliner images for brides

Q2 How to choose the eyeliner shape? 

If you’re choosing the eyeliner design for small eyes, do not turn up your wing too high, just follow the lower eyelid contour and prolong it. To visibly widen and open up your eyes, outline your upper and lower eyelids both, and slightly blend the line. Eyeliner designs for big eyes are various, can include upward wings and defined contours. Also check the eyeliner styles for different face shapes

Q3 How to use eyeliner sticker designs? 

Pretty eyeliner designs that you can’t easily create by yourself are available in sticker stencils. Just take a stencil, position it at the outer edge of your eye, press down, and outline with your liner. If you struggle with creating different eyeliner designs, or just want to make your wings twins, sticker stencils will help with it fast and easy. 

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