While weddings can be a lot of fun, being a bride is no easy task. It involves a multitude of things: the prep starts way too early and ends all in the span of a few days, you’re the centre of attention at all times, there are way too many things and people that require your attention – makeup artists, stylists, your fiancé, the mehendiwali, your in-laws-to-be, your parents – and the hardest part is that you have to do all of this while looking (and feeling) like a million bucks. To make things a tad easier for all our lovely brides-to-be, BB put down a checklist you need to take note of six months before your big day…

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Start a consultation with a dermat
You might have avoided going to a dermat thus far (yes, that bout of acne did clear up in due time), but if there’s one person you’ll be needing on your team leading up to your wedding it’s a good dermatologist. Opt for a skin consultation and no matter how much you smoke or what kind of prescription drugs you’re taking, be completely honest with him/her in order for them treat you and your skin better.

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Meet makeup artists
One of things that most girls know is of pivotal importance but still leave for the last few months is a makeup artist. Get ahead of the bridal curve and start in advance. Given the multiple factors such as availability, budget, looks and so on, you’ll have to meet with at least six or seven of them before you settle on one. Have a definite agenda in mind when you meet the makeup artist and be clear about what you want out of them. Ask the makeup artist to carry a portfolio to make your decision easier.

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Create mood boards for your wedding
It’s easy to get swayed by the opinions of others during your weddings so take some time off and decide how you want your wedding to be. Our solution is to turn to the internet for help. Browse Pinterest boards for bridal beauty content and create your own mood boards with the looks you most love and think will look good on you. You can even go down right to the specifics: how you want your overall look to be, what kind of jewellery you wish to wear, the colours that will look good on your skin tone and so on. Share the same with your stylist and makeup artist to give them an idea about what you have in mind.

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Find a fitness routine that works for you
We all know that weddings are heavy on the pocket, what they’re also heavy on is your health. With five to six functions back-to-back, most of which will require you to be standing or wearing a massive smile, you need to be looking and feeling strong, both inside and out. Tweak your current fitness routine to something a tad more strenuous and work out with dedication. Even the skinniest of brides need to build muscle mass and stamina and there’s no way around that other than adopting a fool-proof diet and fitness routine.

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Watch what you eat
When your wedding’s on the horizon, it’s time to pull back a little. In terms of diet, this means watching what you eat. While we’re certainly not the kind to suggest a juice cleanse to a stressed bride-to-be (because you will need all the energy you have) we do suggest that you cut down on the excesses – if you go out to drink twice a week, replace that beer with a lime juice or a mocktail (without soda). If you’ve got a sweet tooth opt for dark chocolate with lower sugar content, replace your evening vada pao with an apple. Basically, make healthier food choices and follow the age-old adage: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper”.