A few hours before the Lakmé Fashion Week grand finale that would bring the five day fashion extravaganza to a close, we spotted a few models sashaying down the corridor with the prettiest, shimmery purple eyelashes we had ever seen. At that moment we knew we had to sit down with grand finale makeup maestro, Daniel Bauer and ask him to decode the looks he created for the final show. When we finally did manage to get some time with him, this is what he had to say…

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We loved the look you created for the grand finale. What was the highlight of that look?
Well I wanted to create drama. People don’t usually expect this kind of drama (the way I did it for the show) from Manish Malhotra because I kept it a lot more subtle. The highlights were the droplets I used, they weren’t Swarovski stones or crystals but droplets that we stuck on to every single eyelash. Some of the girls had them on the top lashes and some on the bottom lashes.

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And what look did you adopt for the face?
I kept the foundation dewy and fresh, it wasn’t glossy, but I had incorporated gloss into the look. For example, one of the looks had gloss on the eyes and the other look had it on the lips. We even alternated the lips by leaving some nude and some a deeper colour. So all of this along with the droplets was meant to add a lot of glamour to the whole look.

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What was the inspiration behind it?
When I met Manish he told me he wanted the look to be an inspiration for a young girl who goes for a sangeet for the first time ever and wants to be done up in a beautiful way. So we exaggerated it a little bit and the look may not be transferrable as is, but you know, it was the grand finale! For the hair, I took inspiration from the 40s and did soft waves that all came together in a very classic low knot.

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Gloss is the obvious new trend on the runway. How did you incorporate that into your grand finale look?
Absolutely! Gloss is the trend but you can’t use it everywhere. What you can do is keep the skin dewy and place a little bit of gloss on the cheeks or the lips. For the show, I used gloss on the eyes, on the lips and on the cheeks because I personally think that gloss looks exceptional in photo shoots and on the runway.

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What is your one piece of make-up advice to Indian brides?
I think Indian women have beautiful eyes and they should play around with the eyes to add more drama and glamour to their overall look.
Make-up will also work a lot better if you have one single focus – maybe your eyes or lips, but not both.
I think it's very important for the bride to feel comfortable on that day in her own skin and not to look 10 shades fairer or lighter or look like someone else.

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What are the 3 things brides should keep in mind before their D-day?
People think they can go for a facial one day before the wedding and get that glow; that never happens. In fact, sometimes, your skin might break out. So do it, but do it a week before your wedding day.
Other than that, don’t play around with your skin and beauty routine too much.
And lastly, the most important thing is to stay true to your actual skin tone. If you’re dusky, stay dusky, if you’re fair, stay fair. You can always try and go one shade lighter but if you overdo it, your skin will start to look grey and you’ll look a lot older.