Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you have a hot date or have plans with your girl gang, an on-point makeup look will take your ensemble to the next level. So, if you haven’t yet decided on a makeup look, watch this video as Shanaya Sardesai demonstrates a stunning makeup look, which is super easy to recreate.

Step 01: Primer

Start with a primer to help hide any imperfections and pores. A primer also helps your makeup stay in place for longer. Apply a few dots on your T-zone and cheeks and blend it in.

Step 02: Foundation

Next up, take a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand and dot it all over the face. Always make sure to keep the base light, otherwise, it’ll start to look cakey. Once done, blend the foundation around your jawline and neck to create a seamless look

Step 03: Concealer

Now create a triangle under your eyes using a concealer and blend, blend, blend.  An inverted triangle helps brighten up the entire area and diverts focus from under the eyes. Apply a little bit of the concealer over the eyelids as well to prep them for the eyeshadow.

Step 04: Powder

Taking a big fluffy brush,  powder up under and over the eyes and T-zone to set the base.

Step 05: Eyeshadow

Now for the fun part; take a pink eyeshadow palette and apply the light pink shade all over the lids. Then take a mauve-dark pink shade for the outer corner. Start by adding the product little by little in short circular motions, building the crease up. Make sure to blend as you go, to create a seamless transition.  Pick up the same crease colour on a pencil brush and add it under the eyes to create a smokey effect. For the final eyeshadow step, take a gold shadow and add it in the inner corner to highlight.

Step 06: Eyeliner & Mascara

A nice cat-eye is extremely sexy. Create a thin wing and add a coat of your favourite mascara to finish off the eye look.

Step 07: Eyebrows

Keeping a light hand and using upward and outward motions, fill in the brows from the back till the front. Always brush your brows with a spoolie to make them look groomed.

Step 08: Blush

Moving on to the cheeks, apply a peach blush on the cheekbones all the way to the outer corners of the eyes. Don’t forget to blend well.

Step 09: Highlighter

You want to be glowing as you dance the night away, so you can go a little heavy and highlight the top of your cheekbones, brow bone, bridge and the tip of your nose and cupid’s bow.

Step 10: Lipstick

For the final step, there’s nothing like a dramatic bold lip. Apply a bright pink lipstick to elevate this look and bring the focus to the lips.