Experts Share Important Beauty Advice For All Brides-To-Be

Written by Girija NaiksatamAug 31, 2016
When you serve as an expert makeup artist and skin consultant to countless models and blossoming brides, you’ve got to have those pearls of wisdom that don’t come written in any magazine, text book or website. We asked our reputed makeup experts – Cory Walia, Daniel Bauer and Swarnalekha Gupta about their one most important piece of advice for all brides-to-be. Here’s what they had to say.

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Swarnalekha Gupta
Keeping in mind the emotional quotient attached to all bridal occasions, every bride needs to ensure that her kajal doesn't smear or spread. The one beauty fix I rely on is setting the kajal with a shadow to avoid bleeding. I always use a black or dark brown eye shadow to set the kajal along the lower lash line, below the lower water line and even the upper water line so that it looks complete and it’s also absolutely bleed-proof. I’ve tried it and it’s absolutely smudge-proof; something that’s essential especially when your eyes are perpetually tearing up.

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Daniel Bauer
I’ve noticed that Indian women turn to very loud makeup especially when it comes to weddings. From what I’ve seen, they’re also not that experimental. Personally, I think that Indian women have lovely eyes and therefore I think they should always play around with their eyes to add some glamour to their overall look. I’ve also noticed that everyone tries to overdo all the features when it comes to the face of the bride whereas ideally, there should be an emphasis on a single feature; either the eyes or the lips, but surely not both.

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Cory Walia
You’ll definitely need to keep meeting different skincare and makeup experts till you finally zero in on one, but once you do consult with them repeatedly.  Don’t just think that you can meet them once and then the next time will be a few days before your wedding! They need to see your skin and know what is going on with it. See, the skin is like a canvas, so they need to get an idea about what they will be working with on the final day. And yes, take good care of your skin. Finally, it’s about what’s on the inside that will show. Makeup is just an accessory.

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