When living in India; the melting pot of cultures, every other day is a celebration! I mean, we roll up for the big occasions, like Diwali and even the smaller ones aka, choti Diwali (quite literally!) Not leaving a single chic coin unturned, the beauty babes ensure to seize every opportunity to put their best face forward - and why not? Now that we have some more festivals approaching (not surprising), we’ve curated some A1 tips and tricks for you to ace your festive looks. Along with which we have some fab product recommendations to make your festive shopping - an otherwise hectic errand a breeze. So, make your festive looks a success and an IG sensation by simply scrolling below. 

4 Eccentric Festival Makeup Looks  

Amp up your occasion game and unleash your inner desi princess as we take you through the most trending festive looks around.

Festival Look #1: Dewy Look  

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If you’ve been following the Biebers, you’re not a stranger to Hailey’s glazed donut makeup. We mean, dewy skin, glossy lips, shimmery eyes, flushed lips and just the right amount of highlighter. Channelling those subtle mermaid vibes, this look is the perfect choice for those day events that require you to do more by doing less. Plus, the main pick for this look is the shine that elevates all the imp points; cheekbones, the chin, the nose bridge and if you’re an extra girl - then collarbones too!  If you’ve guessed it, applause and if not, we’re talking about the Lakmé Absolut Liquid Highlighter. Pigmented to the T, this compact pod is also about those alluring vibes. So carry it around and sprinkle your dewy sparkle wherever you go. 

Festival Look #2: Soft & Smokey Look   

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Life is all about balance and that idea extends itself to the world of makeup as well! Wonder what we mean? We mean, if you’re going all bold and beautiful with your lips, play it cool on your eyes and if you’re jazzing up your peepers, an understated lip is the way to go. Speaking of the latter, we suggest opting for smokey eyes with the oh-so dramatic, Lakme Absolute Infinity Eyeshadow Palette - Midnight Magic. With just the right hues, this palate is at your service to create that dramatic fade; an unmatched  choice for your evening festive look. Team it up with lips that are minimal, layered with the right amount of gloss. And viola, you’re great to glow and go!  

Festival Look #3: Edgy Eyeliner Look  

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t’s all in the eyes like they say and tbh, it’s true! Dolling your eyes is literally the right way to be camera ready. And what better to inject oomph into your festive look than choosing edgy eyeliner? It’s literally all over the Internet and it’s high time you introduce the funk to your festive looks.

Create that classic wing or do a bit more with none of than the Lakmé 9 to 5 Black Impact Liner. Allowing perfect grip, this eyeliner allows those swirls and twirls without any slips. Which means, long lasting liner without the tension of smudges and fading. With this party-ready liner, keep your cheeks rosy and lips a shade that matches your festive look. After all, a little coordination goes a long way.

 Festival Look #4: Glitz & Glam Look 

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If you’ve been to an Indian wedding, you’d know all the divas don’t shy from getting their glitz and glam look on! And that comes from those wowing eyes, sharp contour, perfect pink cheek and the red lips. Known to be the showstopper for generations now, red lips can sizzle up any festive look. A basic chiffon saree or a bedazzled ghagra, it’s made a niche for itself. So, you’re on the verge or confessing your love the #omg red lip look - do it with Lakmé’s Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color With Argan Oil. Gliding on your lips like a dream and never drying, this is just what you need for those long dancing days!  

Festival Look #4: Soft Girl Chic

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If you are someone who’s big on blush, go in for the OG delicate and pretty makeup look. Wear your favourite blush on the apple of your cheeks; we’re raving about the ever-so natural and rosy - Lakmé 9 to 5 Pure Rouge Blusher. Once you’ve adorned your face with its charm, do your brows and wear a matte lip stain to keep it minimal and gorge. Rock a tiny black bindi to finish the look.     

FAQs about Eccentric Festival Makeup Looks  

Everything you need to know to ensure your festive looks are memorable! 

Q1 What’s an eye makeup hack that can make my eyes pop this festive season? 

Although not a new trick in the makeup world, adding a dab of soft shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes can give them that wide open effect by just totally taking them from the basic spectrum to the world of glam. 

Q2 What’s one way to make my foundation last longer? 

We can’t stress enough on the importance of priming. It won’t only lock your makeup for longer but will create a smooth bed for application. More so, this dream cream will also minimize your pores so save your pics fire editing time. So, be wise and invest in a good primer and seal the deal!