Had fun decking up for a festive Navratri or Pujo, and now struggling to get rid of that stubborn makeup that, thankfully, didn’t budget the whole time? We got your back, beautiful! While all that long-lasting makeup is perfect for those flawless selfies, taking it off is painful business. When you are tired after a long evening of looking gorgeous, socializing and such, you don’t want to spend eons trying to get rid of your makeup, right? Or worse, not do it right and wake up with racoon eyes and lipstick on your pillow case! That’s why you’re in dire need of this list especially with the festive season on in full swing…

Let’s look at tips to get rid of that stubborn festive makeup:

1. For your eyes

Tips to get rid of stubborn eye makeup

Your eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and even kajal are classified under the ‘won’t budge’ variety. If you have sensitive skin, you need to employ a gentle but effective makeup remover. The Lakmé Bi-Phased Make Up Remover works wonderfully on eye makeup. Its oil and water formula helps get rid of stubborn makeup rather gently and easily.

Tips to get rid of lips makeup

For your shadow and the sensitive area under the eye, use the super-gentle Baby Dove wipes. Now, you might wonder if baby products really work on adult skin, but you’ll be surprised to know that since they’re extra alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, they’re even more suitable for the most sensitive skin types. Their soothing and moisturizing combination is perfect for delicate skin around your eyes that you can’t afford to tug and pull at.

You can use some good-old coconut oil on a Q-tip to get rid of kajal and mascara—the most hardworking of the lot! It’s gentle, organic and as moisturizing as a makeup remover could get.

2. For your lips

Tips to get rid of festive face makeup

Those long-lasting lipsticks look amazing but can be such a pain to get rid of. Sometimes, the pigment is just a wee bit too much! We have a super simple fix for this. Just use some plain Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and cotton pads to take off that lipstick in a few swipes. It’ll remove the lip colour gently and also ensure that you’re not dealing with dry, chapped lips after.

3. For the face

Tips to get rid of festive face makeup lakme

Long-lasting concealers and foundations are brilliant for the festive look especially if you’ve got a long night ahead. However, once it’s time to hit the sack, the tricky business begins. That’s why we side with the Lakmé Deep Pore Cleanser. It helps get rid of all the makeup on your face, rather easily and effectively. Moreover, it leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Just because you have sensitive skin, you need not shy away from makeup. For now you know exactly which product will help you get rid of the stubborn festive makeup and leave your face soft and nourished. How awesome is that!