Going On Holiday? Here’s How To Pack Your Makeup Like A Pro

Written by Chandni GhoshOct 25, 2018
We all fear foundation spilling onto our favourite dress or nail polish soiling our brand new shoes when travelling, don’t we? With a few tips in mind, you can pack your makeup products just the way the pros do without having to worry about opening up your suitcase to makeup goop. Here are a few handy hints…
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Get the air out of bottles

It is extremely important to get the air out of bottles (shampoos, conditioners, sunscreens, moisturisers) because the air pressure on a flight can cause the bottles to shatter leaving most of your favourite clothes damaged. Squeeze the air out of bottles and seal them tightly before you pack them off. Again, it’s always a good idea to pack these things into a Ziploc bag before placing it in your makeup/toiletries pouch.

Place sponges on compacts

Compacts can easily break while travelling due to the pressure on them. You may put a sponge on them or a cotton pad to avoid them from cracking into pieces. Also ensure that you don’t keep your compacts right at the bottom of the suitcase because you need to remember that while travelling, your bags may not be treated with care – something that can surely cause your compacts to break.

Use a brush case

A brush case will ensure that all your makeup brushes are in protector flaps. Leaving them loose will make them catch bacteria easily and ruin the bristles.

Place small bottles inside sneakers

Quick trick—sneakers are spongy and cushioned in the best way possible. So they can easily protect fragile beauty products like miniature perfume bottles or foundations. Slip these inside your shoes to save them from exploding while you’re on the go.

Place all beauty items in the middle

We usually tend to pack our beauty products last. But make sure you do it first and place them right in the middle of the suitcase sandwiched between clothes or rucksack so they get the much needed cushioning. Again, you can double proof everything by enclosing the entire makeup pouch in a vacuumed Ziploc bag.

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