How To Apply Bronzer For Indian Skin

Written by Dayle PereiraMar 19, 2019
While bronzer has always been present in makeup kits, we've only taken interest in it post Kim Kardashian. Once her sharp contouring came into the spotlight, the popularity of the humble bronzer grew by leaps and bounds. Now who doesn't want a sharp jawline and structured cheekbones that are straight out of a professional photo-shoot? Everyone does, because bronzed skin has hit the heights of popularity.
How to apply bronzer for Indian skin tones

Bronzer does not only define a few features on the face; it can change the way one looks completely! From a warmer tone to contoured cheeks, there’s nothing that bronzer cannot do. With this simple tutorial, you too can get the look as we show you how to apply bronzer on the face…

Step 1

Select your shade of bronzer and ensure that it is a few shades darker than your skin tone. We trust the Lakmé Absolute Sun-Kissed Bronzer to fulfill the task as it is possibly the best bronzer for Indian skin that we've ever laid our hands on. Its dual tones allow us to pick the right shade or even mix them together. Enriched with vitamin E and micro shimmer, this is our go-to bronzer for a radiant yet structured face.

Step 2

Suck your cheeks in and to find the right placement for the bronzer which is over the hollow areas of your cheeks, your temples and your jawline.

Step 3

Once your base make-up is completed, reach out for an angular brush which will enable you to apply the bronzer in the right matter. Dip the end of your bristles in the bronzer pan and shake off any excess product.

Step 4

Use the brush to apply the bronzer on the hollows of your cheeks, your temples and your jawline.

Step 5

Blend in the product thoroughly so that that it is seamlessly applied on the shadow areas for a chiseled contour on your skin.

Get ready to flaunt your bronzed, sculpted face!

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