They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. That being said, we definitely want the entrance to our souls to look fabulous! Well-groomed eyes and fluttery lashes are just what we need to get our peepers dolled up. To take your eyes to the next level, all you need is a pair of false lashes!

False lashes are temporary lash extensions that have only come to the forefront recently but are definitely not short on popularity. Although they are notoriously difficult to apply, when used in the right manner, false eyelashes are nothing but glamorous.

Here is how to apply false eyelashes to get those glamorous eyes.
how to apply false lashes

Step 1

Get your eye area ready by washing it to remove any excess oil which could hinder the process. Then collect the tools required, namely the false eye lashes and the eyelash adhesive glue.

Step 2

Take the eyelashes and bend them around the handle of a makeup brush in order for the extensions to be flexible enough when applied. Also make sure to trim the eyelash strip so that it is the same length of your lash line for it to be applied evenly.

Step 3

Then keeping the underside of the eye lashes facing upwards, squeeze a fine line of the adhesive glue on the strip connecting all the lashes. Leave in this position for about 10 seconds for the glue to become tacky enough to stick well.

Step 4

Turn over the glued lash strip from the inner corner and use tweezers to stick it as close as possible to the skin near your upper lash line. Slowly begin moving outwards, by placing the lash strip with the tweezers until you have covered the lash line with the false lashes.

Step 5

Run your finger on top of the glued eye lash strip so it firmly fits on your lash line and blends in it well. And there you have it, a voluminous set of fluttery eyelashes!

In order to remove false lashes, wipe your lash line with cleansing oil which will break down the adhesive glue and remove any makeup on the lash strip. Then from the outer end of your eye, carefully hold the lash strip and gently remove it without tugging at your skin.

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