How To Choose A Foundation For Indian Skin

Written by Mahalakshmi KOct 25, 2018
How to choose a foundation for Indian skin
Are your skin imperfections holding you back? Acne, blemishes and dark circles may be difficult to get rid of completely, but are certainly not hard to hide. If you are dreaming of clear and radiant skin, foundation is your skin’s best friend. Here is our complete guide to choosing the right foundation for Indian skin tones…

The basics of foundation

Foundation must be applied as a base on your skin before you put on anything else. All you have to do is find the shade that matches your skin tone the best—it shouldn’t be too light (this will make your face appear lighter than the rest of your body) and neither too dark. While making a purchase, dab the shade on the top of your wrist to check if it matches your skin tone. Many times, if you do not find the perfect foundation for your skin, you can even choose to blend two shades together.

Our favorite pick

We swear by the Lakmé 9 to 5 Weightless Mousse Foundation which gives us the benefit of coverage as well as moisturisation and yet, feels feathery light on the skin.
It blends into the skin effortlessly and gives us a natural, matte finish. It also covers imperfections in just a swipe, without any need for touch-ups.

How to use foundation

All you have to do is dot some of the foundation on your face and neck and gently blend it with your skin until it disappears completely. Make sure to apply it all over your skin for a smooth and even-toned look.

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