How To Cover Acne Scars With Makeup

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 16, 2020
We all dream of spotless skin, don’t we? Unfortunately, acne often crushes those dreams. Once we’re done dealing with acne, sadly, we’re invariably left with an acne scar that comes in the way of flaunting a flawless complexion. But worry not, as the solution to covering these acne scars lies in makeup! Yes, makeup can actually cover ‘em up and if you’re wondering how, read our step-by-step breakdown to covering pimple marks...
Step 1

Hydrate your skin

Those of you with acne-prone skin, we know that your skin is very sensitive to most things. However, contrary to your belief, moisturiser isn’t one of them. To balance out sebum production, you need to quench your skin’s thirst and that can be done only by way of a suitable moisturiser that feels light on the skin and preps it in advance.

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Step 2

Go for a primer

When trying to cover those unsightly acne scars, it is imperative for you to smoothen out your skin using a primer that kills the shine on your face. Remember that skin that’s scarred with acne needs a whole lot of layering to achieve the spotless look.

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Step 3

Dab some orange pigment over the scars

We’ve already told you through our colour correcting guide that orange has the power to cancel out darkness and in this case, helps conceal acne scars. Use a concealer brush and pat very little product from a matte orange lipstick on your spots and scars gently.

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Step 4

Cover using concealer

To blend the orange in and cover the colour, use a stick concealer that will easily target the spots and dab it on the spots. Remember to not rub but just ensure that you keep dabbing so the product covers the spots. If your scars are rather stubborn, build in further to cover them up.

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Step 5

Use a buildable foundation

This is an important step towards covering acne scars. Use a foundation with medium to heavy coverage and blend it in. Build further if you think you need more coverage. We suggest using a stippling brush to blend as it gives an airbrush-like finish.

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Step 6

Set it right

Once you’re done with the foundation, set your base using a compact with good coverage. This will allow your foundation to stay on longer as well as give you extra coverage.

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