How To Tightline And Add A Festive Spin To Your Eye Makeup

Written by Shikha PathakOct 25, 2018
Diwali is right around the corner and if you are already bored with the same makeup look festival after festival, it’s time to call it a day and start experimenting! Tightlining, or as most people like to call it—the invisible eyeliner, is a go-to trend this season. While most beauty fanatics think that this technique makes your eyes look bigger, it actually volumizes your lashes, giving them a thicker and fuller appearance.

What is tightlining?

Doll it up with mascara

So what is it anyway? Tightlining is when you apply pigments to your lash line and more specifically, to the roots of your lashes. You can either tightline your eyes and top it up with an illuminator for a dewy- subtle-no makeup look or can go all bonkers and add a festive spin to your eye makeup, our way!


First prep with a base

Doll it up with mascara

A good makeup base can literally save your day! Start by applying a good dose of moisturiser and then move to an eye primer to set your base. To know how to tightline your eyes, first apply the Lakmé Absolute Blur Perfect Primer to your eyelids as it will ensure your eye makeup stays in place.


Apply your eye shadow

Doll it up with mascara

Before you tightline your eyes, get on with your eyeshadow routine. Shimmer all the way in this festival of light with a glitter eye shadow for well-defined smokey eyes. Try the Lakmé 9 to 5 Eye Color Quartet Eye Shadow, Tanjore Rush—just for the diva in you! Intensely pigmented shades with satiny smooth texture, you can even mix two-three shades for an edgy, sultry look.


Keep tightlining tricks in mind

Doll it up with mascara

While most of you think that wiggling kajal on your upper waterline is all you need to tightline, there’s more to it ladies! Yes, its wiggle all the way but precision is the key to getting it right. Use pigmented kohl or a gel liner to start with. The Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate Kajal will help you create that high-intensity look. This kajal is ideal to tightline eyes as it has a super smooth texture that sits on your eyes without causing irritation.


Follow this guide to tightline your eyes

Doll it up with mascara

Now to start with the process of tightlining, lift your eyelashes gently and start wiggling the kohl on your upper lash line on the roots of the lashes, directly on the gaps between them. Repeat the same on your lower lash line as well. Ensure that there are no gaps between the lashes and you are done!


Doll it up with mascara

Doll it up with mascara

A mascara a day keeps last-minute makeup failures away! Once you are done with tightlining, add a dollop of mascara to your lashes and see the transformation. While there are a few who like using their mascaras before tightlining, it doesn’t do much to enhance the look. We would instead suggest you save it up for the last. Use the Lakmé Absolute Flutter Secret Dramatic Eyes Mascara, Black for this. Its long-term curl-formula ensures dramatic eyes all day long.

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