How To Wear The Eyeconic White Liner For Different Occasions

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 04, 2016
You never thought you needed it but now that it’s here, you know that the Eyeconic White is the one thing that will give your vanity kit (and your beauty routine) a total makeover. We brought in Lakmé Absolute make-up expert Pallavi Jain, to tell us how to wear this trend at work and at play.

At Lunch with the Girls

Saturday night party

Application: The Eyeconic White doubles up as an eye liner and shadow

How: Apply the Eyeconic White to the top of your lid the way you would a regular liner and then smudge it over your entire eyelid like a shadow. Gently blend the two so that the top liner is distinguishable yet subtle. Use the Eyeconic Black on your lower waterline to define your eyes. “This look is primarily a day time look. Since it’s quite neutral and will make your face look soft, so everyone can carry it off,” says Pallavi.

Wear it with: A summer dress or a flowy skirt and some lip gloss to balance your look.

Dress & Lace jacket: Vero Moda


Monday morning at work

Saturday night party

Application: The Eyeconic White in the corner of your eyes and on the lower lash line

How: “You’ll be surprised but the Eyeconic White is better suited for the boardroom,” says Pallavi. Line your upper and lower lid with the Eyeconic Black and use the Eyeconic White in the inner corners of your eyes to trace a ‘V’. Next, line your lower lash line with the Eyeconic White and pull it outwards along your lower lash line all the way to the end. Soften up the texture with an eye shadow brush. Even if you wear it subtly, you’ll notice that though the white is minimal, it’ll make your peepers pop leaving you with maximum impact.

Wear it with: A blazer or a crisp shirt, perfect for a weekday.

Blazer, shirt & jeans: Vero Moda


Saturday night party

Saturday night party

Application: The Eyeconic White used above and below your regular black eye liner

How: Line your eyes with your regular black or brown liner the way you would for a cat eye.
Then, use the Eyeconic White on top of the black liner, trace it all the way through and extend it outwards. Do the same for the bottom lid as you run it along the bottom lash line.
When you’re done, the white from the bottom should converge with the black liner from your top lid. “This look is super retro and best suited for people with small eyes. The Eyeconic White adds oodles of drama and makes your eyes appear a lot bigger.”
Wear it with: A little black, red or sequinned dress, perfect for a night out.

Dress: BeBe

Photo Credits:

Model: Vedika Rana
Hair: Santosh Gahatraj
Makeup: Pallavi Jain
Stylist: Deepa Sajnani
Photographer: Sunny Mindhe
Venue: Lakmé Absolute Salon

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