Learn How To Use The Lakmé Absolute Illuminate Range From Expert Donald Simrock

Written by Dayle PereiraNov 17, 2016
Learn how to use the Lakmé Absolute Illuminate range from expert Donald Simrock
Meeting celebrity makeup artist Donald Simrock barely feels like we’re in the presence of one of the most talented men in the field of beauty and makeup. Maybe it’s his down-to-earth nature that makes us feel completely at ease. Or it could be the fact that his passion for his craft reflects so strongly in his words, it could keep us immersed for hours. This time, when we got a chance to gab with Donald, we talked shop about makeup and Lakmé Absolute’s brand new Illuminate line. Read on to know more…

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BeBeautiful: You’ve previously spoken about the versatility of a single product and how it can work in many ways. Do you see that in the new Lakmé Absolute Illuminate range?

Donald Simrock: Yes, I see quite a lot of it. My favourite is the Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Eye Artist Liner in Burnished Brown which can be used as both, an eye shadow and a liner.

BB: The brand new Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Shimmer Brick is quite a multi-purpose product. Are there a few different ways you could wear the product in?

DS: Yes, it does. The Shimmer Brick consists of 4 colours.
Mixing some of the powder with lip balm on your hand can create a nice shine gloss. Each shade of the product can be used separately as a bronzer and highlighter. Combining all the shades together is perfect as a blush.

metallic makeup look

BB: When it comes to highlighting a particular feature of the face, is there any one feature which you like best.

DS: The eyes! For me, it has always been the eyes as I love to play around with makeup around it.

BB: What do you think about the new Lakmé Absolute Illuminating Shine Line?

DS: The Shine Line is amazing and just doesn’t come off! Since it is built for Indian skin, it is fool-proof so expect it to stay through the day on your skin. The best thing about Lakmé versus other lines is that it is designed specifically for this purpose so you know that Indian women can trust it.

metallic makeup look

BB: We’ve seen metallic hints quite a bit this season. Are there any ways in which we can try the trend on our eyes?

DS: Metallics need not only be applied as a colour as it can also work as a finish. If you get a pearl finished eye shadow that can be applied wet, it will give you the metallic effect. The Shine Line is a great way to start the trend as it can be applied thin for just a little bit of colour.

BB: Indian women have a tendency to stick to black tones especially. Do you think that the new Lakmé Absolute Illuminate range will help change that?

DS: I hope so! There are a few possibilities within the line to take a chance with colour along with sticking to the typical choices. I especially like the bronze tones: it pops like crazy! It complements Indian skin tones beautifully so I do hope they try it.

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