As promised we’ve got you yet another fresh, chic and easy hairdo for today. Excited to find out what we have in store for you on day 2 of Navratri? We have something special planned for each day, so don’t forget to tune in every day for all the 9 days of Navratri!

To begin with, this hairstyle is the perfect melange of traditional and modern styling. It will keep your hair off your face while you’re busy playing. So what are we waiting for let’s get started.

Navratri Day: 2

Colour of the day: Yellow

Hairstyle of the day: Side French Accent Braid

Navratri Hairdo Day 2

You will need: Hair brush, bobby pins and the Tony & Guy Glamour Finishing Shine Spray

Step 1: Thoroughly cleanse and dry your hair. Use a hair brush to remove tangles, if any.

Step 2: Start by parting your hair on the right side.

Navratri Hairdo Day 2

Step 3: Lift a 2 inch section from the front side of the lesser hair part. Divide this section into 3 equal parts.

Step 4: Using the 3 equal parts start making a French braid and keep adding more hair to the braid as you go on.

Step 5: Once you reach the back of your head with this French braid, tuck it below the rest of your hair and secure it with some bobby pins.

Navratri Hairdo Day 2

Step 6: To set the hairdo and keep the braid from slipping spray on the Tony & Guy Glamour Finishing Shine Spray and you should be good to go!