A change in weather requires a skin and beauty re-haul. Obviously, you can’t be slathering on oodles of moisturiser when the sun’s out, neither can you let your skin be naked when the chances of it being burned brown are close to a hundred and ten percent. For such confusing times, here’s our guide to prepping your vanity kit for the summer.
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Vaseline Lip Therapy
Did you know that apart from winter, the soaring mercury can also cause chapped lips? Not to mention those harsh UV rays that’ll leave you with a tan. Beat the sun by giving your lips some natural nourishment with Vaseline Lip Therapy. It’ll keep them moisturised all day long and just in case you’re looking for some colour, we’d recommend it in Rose.

TRESemmé Split Remedy Shampoo
Nobody feels the heat of the summer more than your hair. Yes, we know you couldn’t agree more. A dry or oily scalp and vigorous combing can do double the damage in the summer months. Sun proof your locks with the TRESemmé Split Remedy Range which repairs split ends, coats your hair and protects it from further assault.

Eyeconic White Liner
If there’s one season we feel uber experimental in, it has got to be summer. So what better time than to experiment with the Eyeconic White Liner? During the day, we’re lining our lower waterlines, for nights out we’re taking it to the inner corners of our eyes and for some serious drama, we’re employing it in our cat eye to make our peepers pop.

Lakmé Sunscreen
Dummy proof your summer skin care routine with the Sun Expert Fair Sunscreen Lotion SPF30 PA++. Since we live in dangerously humid locales where the rays of the sun can do a lot more harm than just give us our dose of Vitamin D, apply sunscreen twenty minutes before you head out so that your skin has time to absorb it and protect itself. And of course, nothing less than SPF 30+ will do.

Pop Tints
Does it seem like pop tints were invented for the summer? To us it does. Because the pinks, corals and oranges needn’t stay on the international ramps alone. As a matter of fact, they complement our dusky skin tones perfectly. And what better time to candy line your lips and give them a colorific boost than now.
TIGI Spray for Limp Hair
Ladies with thin hair that tends to turn lifeless in the sun, your saviour (apart from that grungy cap) is finally here. The TIGI Spray for Limp Hair is here to seal the deal with your locks, now and forever. After a hair wash, rub it in damp hair and scrunch. Let your hair loose in fifteen minutes and voila! Volume so good it looks like you got yourself a layer of can-can underneath.