Stuck in the house 24x7 thanks to the lockdown? Well, so is our cover girl Richa Chadha. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t working, staying in touch with friends and basically being social (at a distance of course), right? If you’re anything like Richa, you probably find yourself on a few video calls everyday. So, to make sure you’re looking your best, we got the actress to show us her go-to quarantine makeup look for Zoom video calls. It’s the classic no-makeup makeup look with that gorgeous flush! Follow along as she shows you how to get it right.

Step 01: Start by moisturising your face. You can either use a moisturiser or a brightening serum to add luminosity and moisture to your skin.

Step 02: Groom your brows. You can use a brow fixer or mascara to brush your brows in place.

Step 03: Before you begin your actual makeup look, apply a lip balm to hydrate your lips.

Step 04: Apply a cheek tint on the apples of your cheek for a flushed look.

Step 05: Ditch the foundation and just apply some concealer under the eyes and on areas that you think need a bit of coverage.

Step 06: Use a loose setting powder to tone down the shine from the serum/moisturiser.

Step 07: Use brow filling powder to define your brows and then set them with some brow gel.

Step 08: Dab some deep red lipstick on your lips for a tinted-stain like effect.

Step 09: Skip the eyeshadow and use mascara to open up your eyes, lengthen your lashes and add drama to your look!

Step 10: Finish off with a little more cheek tint for some added colour, ‘cause why not?

Watch the video for a detailed makeup tutorial by Richa Chadha.