5 Low-Key Nail Art Ideas That Are Perfect To Sport This Halloween

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
5 low-key nail art ideas that are perfect to sport this Halloween

It’s Halloween! Everyone’s entitled to one good scare... *wink wink*

Let’s admit it! Putting together an outstanding Halloween costume with on-fleek makeup takes up all the energy. So there’s hardly any left to dress up your nails, which BTW can scream spooky, creepy, funky and mystic all at once. So, instead of skipping it entirely, we suggest you go low-key.

To help you ace Halloween nails at home, we’ve put together five stunning yet easy-to-create nail designs that will add more eeriness to your look. And the best part is that all the below nail looks can be created with either one or two nail polishes. No fuss there!


Spooky with a hint of sass

Tie-dye with cobweb detailing

If you want to add some sass to your Halloween nails, then this design would be apt for you. Your nails get to be spooky (thanks to the skull) and at the same time, glamorous (with the stripes art and studs load-up). All you need to do is grab a black and white nail colour and buy some diamond studs to give an added effect to your nails.

Use Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art - M7 Black and Elle 18 Nail Pops Nail Polish - 39


Creepy but cute

Tie-dye with cobweb detailing

Got short nails? Don’t worry, you can still manage Halloween-inspired nail art. Draw cute, tiny ghosts on a nude base using a white polish, and you’ll be good to go! For all those who don’t want anything extravagant on Halloween, opt for this really simple design.


Bloody good

Tie-dye with cobweb detailing

If you have well-groomed, long nails (preferably stiletto-shaped), then this blood-dripping nail art is going to make a “killer” statement for you. All you need to do is first paint your nails using a nude-ish brown shade and layer it with a red nail polish that creates the illusion of blood dripping from your nails.

Use Elle 18 Nail Pops Nail Polish - 147 and Lakmé Color Crush Nail Art - M4 Vermilion Red


Vampire diaries

Tie-dye with cobweb detailing

Don’t have vampire teeth to sport this Halloween? Well, you can make your nails scream vampire. Yes, you read that right! Focus on shaping your nails a certain way—go for long, pointy nails on your first and fourth finger and keep the rest of your fingernails short and square-shaped. Create a white base and then apply red on the tips of your pointy nails. And voila!


Tie-dye with cobweb detailing

Tie-dye with cobweb detailing

If you have almond-shaped nails, then we suggest you try this tie-dye nail art to look Halloween-ready. This nail design has everything your Halloween look needs. It has glitter, it has cobwebs and it is super trendy. The tie-dye will simply add more oomph to your manicure.

Use Lakmé 9 To 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Color - Orange Coat

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